Farewell, dear friends, and be good, healthy and full of love, for many happy years alongside your human friends!

Belcho has gone home! He was one of the favorite dogs for the team and volunteers – clever, intelligent, a big fan of kids and all in all – a sweetheart.

Белчо Belcho стар2

Big hugs and gratitude for Yoanna Christova, who gave him a chance to be a really happy pet! The two are already forming a healthy bond, dealing bravely with the new things life has to offer (like a flight of spiral stairs) and are moving forward fast.



A wonderful new family came up for Darka the puppy! The tiny baby, 3,5 months old was adopted by Vladimir Petrov and his wonderful son Cyril. Darka will live happily ever after like a little princess.


джули елена христозова (1) джули елена христозова (3)

Lovely hunting lady Julie  went home as well. She came to the shelter as a walking skeleton, but one that has swallowed a balloon. Terribly emaciated and very pregnant. She needed some time after the surgery to put on weight and get better. But she adapted to the shelter environment and it became apparent she is a pet dog and can hardly fend for herself. But we didn’t have any room to keep her, so she had to stay outside for two long months, in one of our walking yards, shivering in her little coat, hoping to be noticed. And she was! Our gentle lady is already melting in the hands and warm home of Elena Hristozova!!!


negarche (1)

Another one of our 9 little black babies found a home too! The huge puppy is already stomping about the home of Radion Umnikov – what an adventure it will be with the boy – he is one of our strongest and largest puppies. You probably cannot tell on the photo, but Radion is a very tall man. The little black bandit is only 4 months old, the world is yet to hear of his valor!



Leah came to us from the street – neglected, hungry and very pregnant. She had no microchip, no one was looking for her, so we decided to neuter her straight away. After a short nurturing, d-r Marincheva operated her urgently and the girl quickly recovered.


Lovely ladies like her never have to wait long. Leah is already at home with the family of Elena Atanasova – loved, cared for and protected. All the best!


And last, but definitely not least – the funny rascal Tzako found his friend – he was adopted by Valenting Krumov, whom he chose as a leader the moment they met!

цако2 цако5

Tzako has already been rehomed once – along with the deaf Dogo Argentino Branko, but since the two didn’t get along, he switched places with Bourbon the Rottweiler. He spent a little over a yar at the shelter, he was one of the heroes in our 2016 calendar, a miracle-dog, shot in the heart with a live cartilage, a true survivor.

tzako (2)

Let this be the final adventure of Tzako and may he be happy with Valentin till his last breath!

There are so many dogs at the shelter at this time, that the Farm is really on the brink of exploding. The last dog-transport we were able to put through was way back in the beginning of October, and since then we’ve been fighting to get a license for the new EU animal transportation regulations. This means that we’ve not been able to send our “regular” 60-70 homeless dogs to Holland, Austria and Germany for over three months and our work is really suffering…

For the first time ever since we started working, we have more puppies on the grounds than adults. There are 119 puppies at the Farm in this very moment… A sight to make you dizzy. Our respect to the vets at the Farm – d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva for their hard work and professionalism – by every rule of epidemiology we should have a little infectious hell going on, and we don’t even have kennel cough, knock on wood.


From the team of the Farm – to all the adopters, volunteers and donors at the Farm – a warm hug and great gratitude!

24 January 2017 | Blog

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