The last lucky souls of 2016!

айра (34)

Ayra went home with Milena Alexieva and her daughter Yoanna. The connection between the two was instant.

айра (1) айра (7) айра (13)

We congratulate Yoanna, and are happy that another dog-whisperer has joined the world of dogs. All the best!


германче (7) германче (10)

Little Akyra is now German. She was adopted by Nicol Dimitrova and after complicated logistics, the two are already home, 1000km away from here. We saw Akyra a few days after the rehoming and she was already a different dog – what a lovely lady she will grow up to be with the love she finds in Nicol!


мексиканеца (3)

Funny guy Boyko went home with Iliana Borisova and her family. He has already been on a trip to Novi Sad and seen so many interesting new things.

бойко1 бойко2 бойко4

Our huge congratulations to him and his people for the perfect hygiene they managed to achieve in the very first days at home!

Two awesome mothers said goodbye to their grown-up puppies and are happy to be the babies in their own new homes!


mama mila (8) mama mila (17)

Lovely mommy Milla was adopted in the family of Sylvia Stoynova. Her son – Iskren and their other adopted dog – Gyna, fill Milla’s days with fun and games.

mama mila (27) мила2 мила4

Milla’s puppies (who are now twice her size) are still here, waiting for love to find them as well.


IMG_0500 IMG_0512

Our other lucky mommy is a girl we simply called Maminka. She and her 7 puppies came to the shelter months ago, ill with anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis. The treatment was successful, the babies are already big and healthy, hoping for the same luck their Mommy found with Madlena Mihova! Madlena lives close to the South Park, loves to walk and the two are already inseparable.


nikola (1)

There is a home for little Kolio too (or Bobcho, as he was known in the neighborhood before he was marked for poisoning). He was adopted by Ivan Angelov and is already enjoying his own house with a yard in Levski district. The two liked each other very much and after a few visits went home certain of the right choice.


купър (1) купър (5)

Cooper the Rottweiler also got to go home for the holidays – he was adopted by d-r Stancheva all the way in Varna. The boy must have been someone’s pet dog before he was dumped at a city parking. Neutered and returned by the Municipal catchers, he came to us after threats from the neighbors were made for his life. He is now part of a big Rott family and will never be left alone and unwanted again.


брауни (1) IMG_0487

And finally – little shy Brownie! This quiet little soul came to the shelter back in the summer, along with her mother and sister. They were quick to go home, but Brownie had health issues and had to remain alone in the clinic for quite a while. She didn’t like the shelter and couldn’t relax. Despite her small size – she couldn’t touch any of the prospective adopters’ hearts, and remained lonely and sad.


Maria Vasileva could have adopted any of the dogs in the Farm. But she chose to help Brownie, because she needed help most of all. Thank you, Maria! Best of luck to both of you, we know that soon Brownie will be a totally different dog – calm and smiling.

Our love and hugs to everyone – adopters and adopted!

03 January 2017 | Blog

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