UPDATE 07/03/2017

Sergio is adopted!

UPDATE 19/01/2017

Sergio is now almost as good as new!
All he needs is someone to love…

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ORIGINAL POST 27/12/2016


There was an Indian tradition in the Wild West. When a bad cowboy gets caught, they’d tie him up, and soak a leather belt in water. Then, they’d tie it round the bad guy’s neck and watch him suffocate in the sunshine, whilst the leather belt shrinks. Scary, but… it’s war.

So far we know of no wars going on in Ovcha Kupel. Still, the natives there are just as hard as the Indians were two centuries ago. We introduce you to – Sergio.

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Sergio’s neck was cut open with a plastic rope. Why, how and when this was done to him – we don’t know. But he was tied and lost, and spent at least a week like this. The results are visible to the naked eye, and smellable to the naked nose – a huge wound, a terrible infection, a Sergio gone wild with fear and pain.

Sergio still walks among us thanks to a simple fact – the weather at the beginning of the month was so terribly cold, that the infection didn’t have the force to spread the way it should have. We were alarmed by someone who had seen him day after day (thank you, Dilyana!) and brought him in after a long “buffalo hunt” in the Sofia prairie (well done, dear Svetlio!).

IMG_0369 IMG_0471

We only realized how bad things were when he was sedated for a wound cleaning. The rope had cut all the way through to his trachea. We’ve seen many embedded collars, chains, ropes… But you always feel something very, very wrong in seeing someone’s insides, you somehow feel the pain, your whole body screams “This is NOT right!”…

D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva cleaned up his wound and began treatment. And in the meantime it became apparent that he isn’t the Headless Horseman, but the Huge Hearted Dog, and all memory of fear and trembling disappeared into thin air.

IMG_0479 IMG_0477

It took us days before Sergio was stable enough to survive an operation. D-r Marincheva spent over 3 hours in the surgery with him – to renew the wound, sow it up, neuter him. The surgery was successful, but it will take weeks before we know if that was enough, the wound is really huge.

You cannot imagine the gratitude of this little bear – how thankful he is for every touch he gets. As if we weren’t cutting him with scalpels and poking him with needles – so graceful and glad to be here… Sergio lays in his little box, looking smart, wagging his tail at anyone that comes through and patiently awaits for his next procedure.


Please, keep your fingers crossed for him! He is still not on the safe side…

If you would like to help Sergio and hundreds of guys and girls like him – the dogs of the Farm – please, choose OUR CHARITY CALЕNDAR!

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