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We are getting closer to a 1000 dogs rehomed in Bulgaria!!!
5 dear souls will be enjoying the winter holidays warm and happy!


The sweetest little guy found his people! Pepo was adopted by Radostina Sinanska and her man – Petar.

pepo2 peppo1

The two came on Radostina’s very birthday. To check and see if any of our dogs was actually the pet for them. They were thinking to adopt next week, because they had a lot to do. But then they saw Pepo and Pepo saw them… You can imagine that the adoption happened straight-away in just two days and the good boy is cuddling up in his new, warm apartment! All the best!!!


Little darling Daisy is home as well – one of our very-very short-haired puppies (a littler of 5 pitbull mixes, dumped as tiny babies at the end of the fall). The little ones survived thanks to the foster care of Stanimir, for which we are greatly in debt to him. At that time we were in a very difficult situation and his little home was the only solution for three different litters, with different problems.

daisy 2 daisy1

Our sincere congratulations to Daisy’s new family, to Tsvetelina Dobreva and her lovely daughter, we are sure there are many, many years of joy ahead of them!


Another lovely little guy – our amazing friend Findley, 100% born in someone’s home, perhaps the unwanted offspring of a pitbull lady. He too was dumped outside and raised in foster care until he was old enough and had his vaccines so we can take him into the shelter.

findley1 findley2

The little hero grabbed hold of the heart of Yordanka Yanusheva and is already home with her – we wish him long years of happiness, may he make her pround every day!

Sarah and Terry

These two guys are obviously pets. They were brought in by a man who seemed very concerned. He said he found them tied up at the highway, we told him there is no space, he was so worried there was no place to return them to… In the end, after very long talks, we decided to try and do something for the two dwarves, putting them in an outside pet temporarily. Hoping that their small size would assist us in finding some solution for them. We posted them, Pepo and also Lacho the dachshund – asking for homes for the smallest in the shelter.

But no one stepped up. Except their true owner – Srebrin. What a shock it must be – to have asked someone to look after your dogs while you’re ill, just to see them given away to a shelter a couple of days later… In short: we are really glad that Terry and Sarah’s photos reached Srebrin and he came to the shelter the first moment he could walk…

terry sarrah (1) terry sarrah (5) terry sarrah (10)

The two schnauzers have went home neutered and microchipped. We cannot describe to you how happy they and Srebrin were to see each other again. The two were so sad and distanced all this time with us, and suddenly, when they saw him – they began jumping, barking, getting all enthusiastic and happy, finally… All is well that ends well, we wish them to never part again!

Lacho is ashamed of himself

Lacho the dachshund also had a visitor – someone who’d give him the warmth of a home in the end of his time. Only our guy behaved like a total idiot – he didn’t pay any attention to the visitors and was constantly grumpy about the other dogs being walked… so he didn’t make a good impression.

Dear friends, when you come to choose a dog at the shelter – its normal behavior that the dog would be interested in us – we are his friends here. Its normal that the dog doesn’t care much about the visitors – it has seen many visitors come and go. The same dog would love you with all their heart if it were adopted…


Lachezar – ashamed of himself!

Please, choose our calendar


Our overcrowded Farm needs your help.
220 kind hearts, who will not be traveling anywhere soon, with a great appetite and very, very cold, ask you to buy our calendar if you can…

Every year, the calendar made by our awesome friends at Wings Creative Studio saves our lives – the donations that come in from it help us deal with the many bills that have piled up over the year, it gets our dogs through the very difficult winter. Only now, we are not thinking of covering bills or future months, we are struggling with the immediate survival of the heroes at the Farm.

1 12 5

Pick our 2017 calendar with 13 smiling babies who are still here today, in hope to fulfil their sacred dream – that of a family to love, and a home to keep warm. If you cannot – please, tell your friends, ask at the office – maybe someone would like a gift like this. It is so pretty and sweet, and only costs BGN10, but still – it is lifesaving help for us…

You can find it online and at three spots in Sofia. You will find all details HERE.
Thank you for being there, on behalf of all our sweeties and the ones we’ve not yet been able to help.

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