Hurray! For the lucky souls who found their families in Bulgaria during the last days, for their wonderful new owners and all the love and warmth they will have together!

akela2 2

Ackela is the second dog from our 2017 calendar to go home (after Bella, miss September). She was chosen by Dona-Gita Marinova and is already enjoying her new, happy life!

акела1 акела2

Akela is the second dog from the calendar to be adopted. Ms September – Bella is home with her family too.

ренли (1) ренли3

One of our “forever alone” dogs – Renley found his place under the sun. The boy has been with us ever since 14.07.2010 – when we took him from the municipal pound in Seslavci. He has seen so much, and waved goodbye to so many of his friends, adopted through the years… Renley has a home with Georgi Uzunov from the Mirkovo village and our guy is already guarding his new home with all the might of his loud bark.


Kardam is the new name of the only fluffy puppy in a big litter of short-haired babies we believe are a cane-corso mix. But he – he is like a purebred Bulgarian Shepherd Dog and will grow up to be a very handsome fellow. He will be enjoying his life with Marina Arnaudova, and she will love him all the way!
мърфи2 мърфи3 мърфи4

Sweet green-eyed Murphy (4m.o.) found his happiness with Reny and Orlin Grozevi, we wish them many years of great happiness together!


lulu1 lulu2

Milky is the name Ludmila Velichkova-Petrova chose for her little new baby. Ludmila came to the shelter three weeks in a row, waiting for the little peanut to be fully prepared for adoption. We can only wish for more serious people like her, coming to adopt our babies!


05 ривър2

The new and forever name of this little guy is River, he was adopted by Stefan Kirilov and his two children. Kids and dogs – the best things ever! River, Kardam and Mikey are all from the same litter, although it’s hard to believe it by looking at the three. Such a colorful bunch of lucky souls, we hope they also bring luck for the other two short-haired pups in the litter, who are freezing their tails off…


мила (2)

Mila is named after her mother, Mommy Mila. No matter that she is already twice her size. She was adopted by the lovely family of Marina Koleva – we wish them all health and happiness, many fun years to come!



We are so happy to see Plashko go home – a calm guy who has been living with our oldest dogs for 4 years now. We took him from the municipal pound along with Deddy and Kateritzata for treatment, but never found the right people for him. We wish him many happy days in the yard of Olga Grigorova, where he will live out the rest of his live loved and cared for. Well done, Plashko!


IMG_0069 mikey1

And finally – Mikey, the third brother in Kardam and River’s litter who went home this week. He went home with Annie Vartanyan – who chose him because he was so cold and quiet in his cage – she just couldn’t leave him there. Mikey is already enjoying the comfort and warmth of Anna’s home – now and forever.


We are so happy these guys will be warm and loved for the holidays! With full tummies and warm paws. We want more of this joy in our lives! Amen!

13 December 2016 | Blog

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