What a lovely surprise we got from Sylvia Dimitrova! Whilst she was in Holland, she decided to visit our awesome colleagues in Almere – and whom did she meet there!? Dogs from our shelter who found love and care with our Dutch colleagues who would love and care for them not despite, but for their disabilities.

You’ll not believe how many times we’ve been accused that we sell our dogs to laboratories or send them abroad for skinning… Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. We love our dogs and we want to see each and every one of them in a happy home. And it is backbreaking work, each and every rehomed animal (and especially when it comes to sending animals to partners in other countries), and we’re nearing 5000 rehomed, of which 2/3 are in Holland, Germany and Austria…


So, here are a few words about the lives of these special dogs, the way Silvia wrote it – as a note to the lady who created and has been in charge of Animal Rescue Sofia for 7 years now – Nadia Stancheva:

“Hello, Nadia!

we haven’t introduced officially, I am a volunteer at the Farm, we’ve met a couple of times there.

Recently, I traveled to Amsterdam and visited the shelter in Almere. I am sending you regards from the former Farmers – Rosie, Sashko, Bolt, Sunny, Zversky and Alma, as well as from Julia and Anneke.

Thank you for everything that you do for the animals!


Alma walked with us for a while.

They take such a great care of them… we were so pleasantly surprised with the place, you’ve found the best for these kids…


Sashko is walking on his own! First he gave me a good bark-up and then he let me hug him.

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It seems to me Rosie is the favorite there – has to meet everyone and always be noticed.

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Sunny was quiet. She was just having a nap and let us pet her.

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Zverski was residing on a huge bed and that’s where the meeting took place. He lets everyone touch him.


And Bolt is simply unique! He has grown up and become a very playful boy!”

Thank you so much, Sylvia, for the good news and the photos – it’s like we extended out arms all the way to Holland to hug them ourselves.

What a paradise this place is for disabled animals, our hats go off for our colleagues’ work.


11 December 2016 | Blog

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