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Our sincere gratitude to our colleagues and friends from the Susy Utzinger Foundation – they sent the Farm a much needed donation. 4 pallets of very useful materials have arrived in Sofia and are already put to good use!

Among the many necessary things there are foldable crates, transport boxes, beds of all sizes, blankets and towels, feeding bowls, food, treats…

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Our very special thanks for the medical instruments that d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva gladly received! And most of all for the stomach surgery sets that we use for spay/neuter – we really needed it, but it was not possible to put aside money for it. Also, the clinic got pinchers, scissors, hemostatic sets, and many other things that we use daily in our clinic.

The horses also got Christmas presents. Rugs to protect them in the winter cold, and collars of different sizes. Although all of the donations are second hand, we got everything washed, disinfected and well organized.


Our cordial thanks to the amazing people on the team of the Foundation and Susy herself – for all the amazing work they do for so many creatures all over the world. On the photo below – our senior administrator Sunny, inspecting the donation with pleasure, and choosing the perfect winter jacket (as you know, he is all bold and lovely).


Smiles and hugs for all animal angels!

08 December 2016 | Horses, News

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