The Farm is overcrowded – new rules for transporting animals in the EU have left us without a license and it will take time to obtain it. This leads to a lot of problems – you know we try to rehome about 60-70 animals abroad every month – and that is the number of new dogs we are able to admit.

There are no transports and no space under our roof, whilst the next puppies from foster homes are ready and waiting for admittance… A complicated situation. Not that It hasn’t happened to us before, but this doesn’t make it easier to handle. It means we’re entering the most difficult times of the year not really able to provide for so many hungry mouths.


As we’ve stated before, local adoptions (currently 1/5 of the total number) are our biggest joy. Because more and more people decide to adopt their best friend, because the word “shelter” should not mean “death camp”, because we believe our work has been changing our local reality, one dog at a time.

Only now – in a moment that we’re unable to send sweethearts to our partners abroad and it seems like we’re drowning in failed promises, local adoptions are even dearer to us. We had some wonderful dogs find their wonderful people lately and here they are for you:

Lisko (now Frankie)

лиско8 лиско9 лиско10

You cannot have forgotten him – he is the dog who came on the brink of death, after a monster had tied him all up in wire, eaten alive by fly larvae. Dimka and Dessy literally spent hours in getting him rid of them, and doctors Marincheva and Ilieva did all they could to get him up and running quickly. And very successfully too!

лиско (1) лиско (4)

Today Lisko is no longer kicked about the neighborhood by cruel people, he is a loved pet in the apartment of lovely Demira Teneva. A hero like him will be able to appreciate the change and we are sure he will be a most loyal and clever companion.

Bucky (now Jumper)

Bucky spent such a long time with us, he could tell you almost the whole history of the organization. How we struggled with overcrowding and lack of funds at the municipal shelter; how we had to leave the place with him and 500 other animals in a 3-month notice; how you bought the Farm for them; how we worked outside in temporary enclosures for 2 years before we’re able to finish reconstructing the building; how the Farm stopped being an abandoned cow farm and became a place of love and life; how nearly 5000 animals came and went home… He saw it all. Through the bars of a cage.

бъки (28)

We know him as Bucky. His friends – the volunteers call him Jumper. Because he would leap like a kangaroo to see over the wall into the next cage and tell them how he feels about them. Because he would fly with all fours when he’d see someone approaching with a lead in their hand. An enthusiast. All these years, he never gave up hope…

бъки (15) бъки (20)

And he was right. Because he has been greeting his mornings with a wagging tail in a warm home, cuddling in the arms of people who love him. Bucky-Jumper was adopted by Olga and Zlati who know him from the weekend walks. They took him out and back into the cage with such a sadness for so many months that they now have moved to an apartment where they’re allowed to keep a dog. And that dog could only be one – Bucky. We wish you great happiness Olga and Zlati, thank you, loads of love from all of us here!

бъки (5) бъки (7) бъки (3)

Best of luck to you boy! Behave, be good and make sure you live forever.

Antigona (now Becky)


Two tiny babies were dumped in the street from somebody’s home (most likely the unwanted offspring of a Jack-Russel mommy) found shelter at the Farm with the hope of going home again.

антигона (3) антигона (4)

Lovely Antigona managed to succeed by grabbing hold of the heart of Tsvetomira Goberova. She will grow loved and cared for, we wish them health and happiness, may they continue to be so joyful and never lose their smiles in a lovely life together!

Shushon (now Archie)

15046389_10211079606412034_738950695_n 15050137_10211079606212029_567494054_n

Another great friend of ours – Shushon (meaning sweetie, which he definitely is) found his happiness!

ш3 ш4

The little guy is already in the home of Kristina and Christo where he is enjoying all the attention and love he can get. He is the first dog Kristina will have on her own, we are sure this is an excellent combination and the partnership will bring many years of joy to both of them.

Peanut (now Charlie)

пийнът (10) пийнът (4)

The smallest guy of the month also got to go home – the little dwarves are always the quickest to go. Especially sweeties like Peanut.

пийнът (20)

His new mother, Stella Koycheva came twice all the way from Tarnovo to adopt him – it was love at first sight for the two of them. She was so worried, we would give him to someone else, no chance – he knew who his people were. His name is now Charlie and he is not spending 24 hours shivering anymore, he has Stella’s hands to keep warm.

Freya (now and always)

Jeffrey Mendels approached the adoption of his second dog in a very serious manner. Jeffrey, his girlfriend and their dog Odin came to the Farm a few weeks in a row and chose Freya from so many lovely puppies. She will a good sister to their little Odin, a sweet and playful guy who is still shy with strangers.


There is nothing better for a dog to have a “brother” or a “sister” at home. Congratulations to Freya, Odin and Jeff too!

A shelter full of good hearts

07 05 06

Our overcrowded Farm needs your help.
222 kind hearts, who will not be traveling anywhere soon, with a great appetite and very, very cold, ask you to buy our calendar if you can…

Every year, the calendar made by our awesome friends at Wings Creative Studio saves our lives – the donations that come in from it help us deal with the many bills that have piled up over the year, it gets our dogs through the very difficult winter. Only now, we are not thinking of covering bills or future months, we are struggling with the immediate survival of the heroes at the Farm.

1 12 5

Pick our 2017 calendar with 13 smiling babies who are still here today, in hope to fulfil their sacred dream – that of a family to love, and a home to keep warm. If you cannot – please, tell your friends, ask at the office – maybe someone would like a gift like this. It is so pretty and sweet, and only costs BGN10, but still – it is lifesaving help for us…

You can find it online and at three spots in Sofia. You will find all details HERE.
Thank you for being there, on behalf of all our sweeties and the ones we’ve not yet been able to help.


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