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Cull. This is the word used for “defective” purebred puppies – with a split lip, deformed limbs, deaf, blind… It’s not a rare occurrence, especially with some breeds and colors, the probability of getting defective puppies can be as high as 60%. Nevertheless – they are bred. Because they look good, because they sell well. So what if there are puppies for culling, it’s a manufacturing process…

And this specific “byproduct” is not like an unsuccessful candy bar. He lives, he breathes, he loves… A worthless life, one not informed he is unwanted, who thinks the world is a welcoming place…

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Prometheus came to the shelter at 2 months, it was the end of August. Lively, playful, cheerful and… blind. We all loved him from the moment we saw him. So endamaged, and yet so generous in love and smiles. But where would this little guy go, even if we managed to keep him safe and healthy? Who would want a blind dog, a blind puppy – to have and to hold for the next 15 years?

Whilst we were preparing Prometheus for adoption, we turned to our Dutch colleagues for help. There was very little possibility that a serious owner would have him locally, and he needed and experienced owner, who also owns other, kind dogs. Puppies like him need a lot of work from a very young age, it’s not OK for them to grow up as semi-wildlings in the shelter cages.

And so, after a complicated organization and at the end of a tiring journey, our special boy arrived in the most wonderful foster home – with Vanessa, in Holland. And not alone! In the company of Nezabravka, a sweet girl he knew from his life back at the Farm, so he is not alone or confused.

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Vanessa really did a lot for Prometheus. She helped him get accustomed with life alongside people, to travel in a car, to come, to walk on a lead and be just like any other puppy, only blind. And he grew and became smarter by the day, although he will always be a little clown….

Today, 4 months after we met for the first time, we have happy news from Prometheus! The boy is already in his new FOREVER home and is getting around just great! We thank Vanessa, Danielle, and all the fairies who were part of this tale, who lit the light at the end of Prometheus’ long and dark tunnel…

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28 November 2016 | Blog

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