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Two and a half month into his treatment at our Franziska clinic, Ruben is a new dog!!!


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How much suffering, hunger, cold, how much pain can a dog take?
Too much. So much that we, people, cannot even imagine it.
It’s cold outside, our food has too little salt, or the t-shirt label is “killing us”…

And what if it was us? Outside. Now.

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Actually, that’s not even possible. Because we have voices and words, strength and a consciousness – we would have yelled out loud on Step 2 of total 200 steps to becoming a sad wreck like him. Because we are human and we can defend ourselves, we can demand, insist, and scream for our rights. Unlike Ruben.

Weakness and illness are lying to you – he is not an old dog. Ruben is a young puppy, not even a year old. He has severe demodecosis, anemia and most probably a whole bunch of other problems that we are soon to find out about.

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Currently, Ruben lives in the clinic of our shelter – the Farm. A place that we made together – for dogs like him: rejected, ill, unwanted, without any chance of making it outside alone.


Ruben is lucky – the people who found him decided to truly help him – they didn’t just bring him here, but also made a big expense to provide him food and skin-support.

IMG_9836 IMG_9839

You know, most of the dogs aren’t happy with the idea of living here, despite the difficult life they have outside. Freedom calls them, they want to run, to sniff, to explore new paths.  But not Ruben. When the keepers take him out of the box for a little walk, he has a routine: 3 steps to the left – peeing; 3 steps to the right – pooing; 6 mega-fast steps back to the clinic and into the box!

Stay alive, stay smiling, dear Ruben.
And we will make sure you become healthy and loved.



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