Dear friends,
we are currently in a situation where we cannot make doggy-transports. We are doing everything in our power, and more, to be able to restore our “life-line” to Austria, Holland and Germany, but it will take time. Perhaps more than a month.

Meanwhile, we cannot take on as many new cases as usual – we need to send 60-80 dogs for rehoming abroad in order to be able to free up space for newcomers. Currently, almost no one is leaving the shelter and many, many need to be admitted…

The number of dogs we have on the premises is growing disturbingly, the situation is growing more difficult, but we’re holding on with the patience we’ve got (and some teeth grinding, that’s for sure). Because that’s what we have to do, that’s the only thing that can be done and that’s what we always do anyway.

In the light of this situation, can you imagine how happy we are to see dogs rehomed without the need of transportation?! VEEEERY!!! Here are tha champions of last week:

Othello the Pekingese and kind boy Buddy

Steffy Neykova and Milka Stoichkova are two friends, living in Germany. They came to Bulgaria and having heard about us – decided to check out our work on the spot. How wonderful! Because this turned out to be the golden chance of two wonderful boys. The ladies didn’t want to have their photos taken or much talk about their gift, so here are a few words about the animals they chose.

IMG_9433 IMG_9504

Blind little Othello – found dumped in the street in a bad condition. Otherwise cheerful and perky – maybe he had a nice life before he ended up outside. But he cannot see anything. We thought he would be one of the sticky dogs – here for years, but it took him less than a month!


And the wonderful little guy Buddy – with a similar sad destiny, but not blind, with a skin-illness. He was found by kind people outside their apartment door. Naked, confused – most likely dumped in a remote neighborhood to fend for himself…

Since Othello needed more time to be able to travel legally (Dogs need at least 21 days from their Rabies vaccine to travel within the EU), Buddy was the first one to leave us. Milka left too, but came back – especially to bring Othello home when he’s ready. And that is yesterday!

бъди2 отело1

All the best to you boys and ladies!!!


Bella came to the shelter in the end of the summer. She had demodecosis and a bad injury on her leg, but no broken bones and the vets quickly helped her recover. Then, little Bella was wanted for adoption locally – and went home. But it didn’t work out. We took her back after a short conversation that started with “she is an unpleasant dog, I cannot learn to love her”… Sad…


But anyway, the Farm belongs to the farmers, and Bella is one of them, so she’ll always have a place here. The amazing thing here is that despite 200 dogs on the spot, there was one more family who wanted her, but they appeared at the end of her adoption procedure and we only took their number “just in case”.  And the case happened! When we called Bozhidar and Petya Kamenovi to ask if they’ve already found a dog, they told us – yes, we found our dog, but you gave it to someone else…


The mistake has been fixed! Our lovely girl is in the arms of her family, Bozhidar and Petya who find her extremely PLEASANT! We wish them long years of happiness together.


мурджан 3 мурджан мурджан1

Lovely Moorjo came here for the treatment of a severe lung infection. D-r Marincheva gave him a long course of antibiotics, and keepers Dassy, Dimka and Maria gave him all the love they could find – and results were quick. Moorjo became a good-looking, cheerful guy, wagging his tail at anyone willing to be with him.

Meanwhile, the people who brought him in – the Stoykovi family came to see him a few times. And seeing him made them fall in love with his kind and faithful heart. Such a golden soul!


Our boy is now happy in the hugs of Antoaneta and is feeling just perfect. As for his eye (that could be a trauma or birth defect), they will be visiting the ophthalmologist together, but first some time should pass for a joyful adaptation.



The awesome black panther comes from our litter of “9 little niggers” (no offence meant, it’s a tittle by Agatha Cristie). Lovely elephants! Not yet 3 months old, but already almost 10 kilos each. Very sweet, very lovable and smart – they were abandoned at the municipal shelter in a bad condition, treated and vaccinated in a foster home.

емилия цвк (2)

She was adopted by friends! Emilia Galvajanova (from the CVC administration) and her man – d-r Zlatanov (a vet at CVC)! The two of them have access to the very best dogs in the country, they can have any dog they want and still – they chose to adopt from us!!! We are so glad and proud!

09 November 2016 | Blog

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