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23 October 2016 | Blog

Dear friends, in the last month we managed to send 94 of our shelter souls to new families abroad. As you know, friends and colleagues in Holland, Germany and Austria help us find homes for as many animals as possible – as the numbers of dumped animals is so much greater than the number of local adoptions.


You probably cannot imagine the insane logistics, but what matters is the result – nearly 5000 animals rehomed as of 2010, only we know how how hard we’ve had to work to make it happen. But however happy we are to be seeing our animals happy abroad, we are the happiest when we see them go to Bulgarian homes. We hope for the day when each of our dogs will have 2-3 candidates to pick from!

Meanwhile here are the lucky souls who are already living this dream come true…

After years of waiting for happiness a very special guy went home – The Jackal (supposed to be Carlos, but it just suited him). Although he was with us for a long time, he always had a problem living in the shelter – whenever we tried to get him used to live inside with everyone else he would get depressed, sad, stop eating and so on… But another winter outside??


The Jackal is today the most obedient of the colorful bunch of animals at Rosalin Schmeich’s home – an awesome friend of animals who has been doing miracles for them years now. We thank you, Rosie, and are so happy he likes cats so much!

Another adoption that makes us extremely happy and warm – Tommy. Or Tick. Or Nordic… actually depends on whom you’re asking! In four years Tommy hads had my frinds among the staff and volunteers… He was just a sweet little kid when he arrived…


Here you van see our lovely giant with Borislav Dimov – his true forever friend! It must have been really important for these two to find each other – it really took a while…


mirko (1) mirko (2)

ekaterina dragieva mirko

Another one of our big guys – amazing and kind soul Mirko – found abandoned far from civilization. The boy now has a new name – Otto and is at home with Zornitza Vakova who cannot find the words to praise his kind disposition to life, his warm eyes and good behavior. What a joy!!!

It is cold and that’s worst for the oldies and babies. We made a big rearrangement in the living quarters, so we can only heat half of the shelter for the animals that really need it (because of horrible lack of money, as you can imagine). We place all the babies, old, ill and recovering animals in the right half of the dog building. But still – from sucklings to antique oldies – each and everyone of them needs a home, not a shelter with us…


Rado Mirchev and his smiling girlfriend adopted the smallest of the puppies we had! The little duckling went under the code name “The Tiny one in cage 44” – she is very happy and playful and what is probably most important – warm and loved, in her new apartment!

23 October 2016 | Blog

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