Every day, many homeless dogs and cats with various medical issues arrive at the Farm shelter. D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva do not only care for the 200 dogs we have here permanently, but also all of those new-comers – the Franziska clinic patients.

obshti (5)

This August was a long and difficult month, but still – we managed to look after many injured animals. We introduce you to some of the most interesting cases our doctors had to treat last month – not all, by far, but it’s impossible for us to spend such a long time at the computer, so here are a few to illustrate wat the shelter does for the homeless animals in the city:

Aya – now a tripod

The gentlest kitten in the world now has no front paw and no tail…

aya (4) aya (9)

You really cannot imagine what a loving and cuddly baby this is – a little motor-heart with an endless supply of love to give. She knows people are important to her, and even in pain and in suffering she never let go of that thought.

Aya is now recovering in the home of d-r Polina Ilieva. And we know everything will be fine for her from now on. There is no way the Universe hasn’t matched her loving heart with another, a human who will love her forever.

Once, I was a shepherd…

malyachkovci (2) malyatsi (7)

Five puppies, small in age, but not in size, arrived for an urgent treatment at the clinic. They are a 100% the puppies of someone’s large guard dog, they were torn apart from their mommy and discarded in a box somewhere far enough, once the smell from the ill skin got too bad. No exaggeration – it took Dessy and Dimi 5 days to get rid of the hundreds of fleas that had infested them.

malyatsi (2) malyatsi (8)

Two of the babies had severe dermatosis, one of them was already getting eaten alive by fly larvae… They are now much better already, loudly reminding everyone they don’t agree with life in a hospital kennel.

malyatsi (1)

Tough luck with the darn worms this month. We had 6 cases in total, 5 of which – successful, of course – the best one has to be lovely Lisko who is already like a brand new dog. We couldn’t help only one of them – an older boy, who had laid on the ground for too long after other dogs had severely bitten him:
chervei (1) chervei (4)

Otherwise, the worst worm-case, Lisko, is doing great:

lisko (5) lisko (2) lisko (4)

Endless puppies

Many different little ones with many different problems inhabit our clinic for a week, two or more.

murphy ally 6

These are the lovely Murphy and Ally – the smallest puppies we currently have here. Both are over 60 days old, but are still the size of a sparrow. As with most microns, these two had their go with stomach problems and cough, but are now well and waiting for vaccinations.

cherno-beli (2)

Two black-and-white angels keep them company, already a month into their stay at the clinic. They weren’t looking optimistic when we first got them, but are getting stronger and doing much better now, the worst is now behind them.

brownie (1)

We continue to struggle with Brownie’s skin issues, her recovery is not going as planned and there are more tests waiting for her this week.

goldy (1) vicky rona (4) vicky rona (5)

Little Goldie, Ronnah and Vicky are well too. Vicky – the puppy that looks up nervously on the background came to us about 20 days ago, completely terrified of people. She is doing better now, but she will need all the love the volunteers can give her, to get over the fear and start trusting us.

Berk, abandoned at the edge of life

berk 19 berk

A really lovely boy – noble and caring, with a good and cheerful heart, Berk came to us after he had passed through hell and fire at a private clinic. Despite his long stay at the hospital, Berk has been hungry for so long, it will take months for him to recover his weight.

berk (13) berk (16)

We are washing him regularly with medical shampoos, but he too, just like Brownie, isn’t getting better as planned. If we’re able to spare some money for him, he will be tested for hypothyroidism this week, keep your fingers crossed.


The story of Erika is one typical Bulgarian madness. It only unfolded before us thanks to the fact that many people shared her “cocker found” appeal on Facebook.

erika (2) erika (9)

In short, it is as follows: Erika’s owner left Bulgaria to live abroad. She found her dog a new family – a couple with two daughters who swore to look after the dog with great care. Then, Erika was 8. We don’t know what happened in the meantime. What we know is she came here as a 10-year old lady, after she was given to a puppy mill – to breed cockers that they would then sell for 50-100 Euros.

When she first arrived, Erika had a severe ear infection and pyometra. She is already neutered and we’re treating her, but the different arrangements we tried to make with her former and current owners all failed, so she’s staying with us. It would be really good to find a good home for her, she is a loving, spoilt pet and very lively too. It would be great if she could find a new home to live out her life, after all she went through…

Barry and Veneta, with their necks cut

IMG_7494 shiya (3)

Tying dogs with all sorts of ropes, collars and chains, so that they cannot move away from the junk they are supposed to guard often has a fatal ending. The forgotten doggy-alarms grow up, their neckties embed into the growing flesh, until the skin is pierced and large, deep wounds emerge.

IMG_7837 shiya (1)

Once it starts to smell like death, the faith of dogs like them is to be dumped as far as possible. If they are lucky – a kind person will help them out in the street. If not – they become worm food. These two are Barry and Veneta, two of the lucky ones…

shiya (5)

Regards from Dushan and Leeoolly

Best regards and loads of love from your grateful friends Leeoolly and Dushko. Both are recovering more than well, they are already using the operated legs, feeling great and behaving even better.

dushan IMG_7230

We will introduce you to part II of our short presentation tomorrow. Again – we thank the donors who make our work possible. If you would like to be a guardian angel for our dogs, you can find every way to donate at this link. Every help matters – even the smallest ones, our work is funded by voluntary donations only. We wish you a happy week!

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