A fabulous animal transport rolled away in the beginning of the month, carrying a precious load – 12 lovely youngsters; 5 adults and a lovely cat. We are overjoyed to introduce them to you.

Our Dutch group

It is very important to us that no puppy grows up in the shelter. To find them owners before they have become adults, because their chances of adoption shrink to an invisible size. Nothing hurts worse than to say goodbye to a dog in the shelter – without being able to provide it at least some days of love in a real home. There is nothing more heart-braking than the sight of a dog who has given up hope in waiting for love – a quiet, sad shadow, a little prisoner.

These are our largest “babies” this season – dogs under 1 year old, left without options or candidates in the heat of the summer. We thank Astrid from the bottom of our hearts for giving them this chance to meet their adopters in Holland – where being 1 year old is not a sin.

13580540_10157086268875335_2624763191244102992_o 13664738_1834928413407987_2034787572_n (1)

There is no way to start with anyone else than Hensel and Grethel – our two amazing twins, who came with skin-illness from the municipal Bogrov shelter. Just three months after we took over for them, they became really lovely, gentle, healthy babies, 40 kilos each.

хензел и гретел 1 хензел и гретел 2

Once in Holland with Astrid, Grethel was one of the first to be adopted from this group. We even have her photo for a dear memory. Farewell:

осиновяване гретел


06 Ж Хилде - ЗА ДОСИЕ 07 Ж Хариет - ЗА ДОСИЕ 08 М Хенри - ЗА ДОСИЕ

Also in a new homeland – smiley Hilde, Henry and Harriet – a lovable litter of little horses – three of those brown sweeties who cannot seem to grasp an adopters gaze.


04 Ж Маргарита без чип некастр - ЗА ДОСИЕ 05 Ж Виктория без чип некастр - ЗА ДОСИЕ

And also Victoria and Margarita – two sweet sisters, one looking like mommy, the other like daddy. In Bulgaria, the first to be adopted would be the girl that looks like a beagle – Margarita. But in Holland – the first to be adopted is smiling yellow Victoria.


02 Ж Дейзи - ЗА ДОСИЕ 03 Ж Клара без пръсти - ЗА ДОСИЕ

Clara and Daisy – two lookalikes who have nothing in common. Clara came to us with a crushed paw as a tiny baby, Daisy – from a foster home in a totally different area. Girls of this color often have something lovely in common – a great temperament – friendly and outgoing. These two ladies are no exception, everyone here loved them dearly.


01 М Теди (1) teddy

A lovely little guy joined his friends – Teddy, who is only 5 months old, but is already 20cm above all his cage-mates of the same age. The kind giant wasn’t chosen to travel along with the rest of his buddies, his large size was a major stop for his adoption. We are very happy he got this chance, such a golden heart, of a true teddy-bear.

blacky rocky

Two lovely brothers, raised by an elderly couple, lived in our cages for quite a while before the Golden ticket – Rocky and Blacky. Two very gentle, kind boys, loving and dear, but – dark in color.

13580471_10157062884470335_7279399313904310796_o rocky1

We are overjoyed to inform you that Rocky (the largest boy on this transport) is the very first to be adopted from the whole gang. We received his first photos with his new owner, enjoy:


And the last new Dutch in this group is a kitten – sweet Doby, who was returned from adopters once, and we have sworn to her, this will never happen again:

добранка1 добранка2


German group


We have to start with a lady who has been here since a small puppy- Emma. It has been 4 years since Emma started to greet every visitor jumping loudly behind the bars: pick me! Pick me! But no adopter ever stopped by her, no one noticed her a second time. We are really happy she got this chance to go to Germany – she only needed a few days to charm her people and after 4 years on the concrete floor, she can finally fall asleep like this:

ема афония
Seems like she’s smiling at the person under the sheets, doesn’t it?


bo sofia

Sofia and Bo are two kind dogs, picked up in the street and cared for by kind people at home. But circumstances can change quickly and the two friends had nowhere to go. Luckily, they found their way to the Farm. And although no one wanted them here, days after his arrival in Germany, Bo was adopted by a kind family, and dear Sofia – she will not wait long either, we are sure of it!


beor beor1

Beor, you darling bear! This absolutely irresistible soft guy spent months in a cage with all sorts of tiny dogs whom he looked after like a devoted nanny. One by one, they all found homes, and he stayed behind. Whether for his size, or because of his color – Beor didn’t find his people here. He is now home, loved by his new German family. Stay kind and sweet, you dear boy, we know you are with people who will value your good heart.


13510993_1166277790070981_2164739925463979972_n 13575745_10207214994395625_7806227588809491778_o roshko

Roshko came to us from a house of hoarders. The boy had spent many long months in his own excrement, but still, he didn’t lose his love for people. He was feeling great here in the shelter, and what he loved most was when the volunteers came and he could jump into the water we put out for the walkers, for a much needed bath he likes so much. Roshko too is in his home already.

See our cheerful German migrants playing in their temporary home:

Here you see them at the second day in the shelter. Today, two weeks later, all of them (except Sofie, who is still waiting to choose her people), they are all in the arms of loving families. We thank our colleagues for giving them a chance of a lifetime!

And in the end a special note of gratitude: this transport was made possible by Stanislava, who covered all the expenses for the dogs to reach their new destinations. Without her timely donation, this journey wouldn’t have been possible and all these little angels would be still looking at us from behind the bars. Thank you, Stassi!

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