We received two lovely videos from our friend Tom Chesser – all the way from Canada! He made them himself and you can clearly see how well his Bulgarian tutors have taught him – no spelling or grammar mistakes, well done.

Tom adopted two puppies with a similar faith from us – both found with chopped-up legs. Annie (who was Joan of Ark here) and Louie (Little Mook here).

Both have colorful stories, tens of people have taken part in their rescues, hundreds have donated – Tom has worked hard to include everyone he knows and the films are so sweet. We want to share them with you, because you are also part of their magic, because goodness and kindness are all around us: good thoughts, good deeds, good people.

The story of Little Mook becoming Louie:

The story of Joan of Ark becoming Annie:

Thank you, dear Tom, for everything you do for the dogs. We are happy to know you.
And say “hi!” to Jeff for us (known here as Negarcheto) – we are sure he is the best tripod in your funny gang!

16 August 2016 | Blog

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