Yes, five! The little growth on his leg we thought was a malformed finger, kept growing and turned out to be a fifth paw on one very special puppy. But let’s start at the beginning…


Bolt may be just a little guy, but he already has a long history. And like every fairy-tale – it was first very scary, and when it really seemed things wouldn’t work out well for our protagonist, the miracles needed were performed. With the magical help of the donors, the good doctors, our Farm, our colleagues in Holland – and certainly: a few drops of real love!

You can read all about Bolt’s life in Bulgaria HERE. And these few lines are about his life in Holland, loved and cared for by our amazing colleagues in Almere. Real care.

Not just as a very cute broken toy. But as a living being, a young dog who wants to run, to play, to be hugged, to chew, to do all sorts of mischief and be happy with his friends.

Like so:

13680039_1150442744975793_9012543086560562880_o 13708163_1150442631642471_5764723093534255552_o

And also:

13701177_1150442741642460_1791225172799662698_o 13708288_1150442778309123_1344957481110502182_o

And why not:

13567426_1144054985614569_6816678662043827602_n 13627114_1144054848947916_9159757094465178171_n

And this is how Bolt, a deformed puppy, dumped to die in a trash can as punishment for his deformation, became an international star and an all-time favorite in a paradise for disabled animals.


Special regards for you from two other ill girls who found love and care forever at the same (unique!) place. Kisses from Granny Alma and paralyzed Rosie:

алми роза

(They are together with wheelchair Sashko and funny Zverski, but since the two are boys – they forgot to send us a word).

What else?
Looks like only: HURRAY!

13580466_1143198059033595_4341271798392655652_o 13653353_10208700591845265_7103166469375636253_o

16 August 2016 | Blog

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