A great deal of our work is finding homes for our animals abroad. When we were starting, in 2010, we had less than 2 locally adopted animals in a month. Today – people already know shelters exist, they know they are saving the life of their adopted friend and families make that kind choice more often.

We see the change every day and it makes us believers. We no longer fall into the line of “helpless dreamers” when we think to ourselves “a day will come when we no longer have to send animals abroad – there will be a home for each of them here”.
We are happy to introduce you to another group of smiling animals and their adopters:

DSC_1232 DSC_1241

Do you remember poor sad Mincho? He is a calm, medium-sized, almost completely naked boy that came to the shelter as a naked bag of bones. He must have spent all his life chained in misery – he looked like a broken old man. We treated him, although we couldn’t give him that fluffy white interface he would have if he had lived in a home.

mincho (1) mincho (2)

Despite his sad look – his golden heart was recognized by Angelina Dobreva. Mincho will never be hungry and dirty again. Good luck, boy!



The smiling kurzhaar we called Anna is now in her new home with Natalia Staneva. She also has a new name – Bagra, and a great many new friends – the world is her oyster!

багра 3 багра1

We are overjoyed for her – you can see how happy and well behaved she is in her new life with Natalia, what an amazing change for a kind creature!
lori (1) lori (2)

Lorry was just a handful of life, injured by a car, when Maria Ovcharova took her as a foster – to recover, to gain strength and prepare to be adopted. We thought that was a temporary arrangement – but what do you know – Lorry was at home all this time! She is now healthy, neutered, vaccinated and very happy – to love and live with Maria forever.


edinborough edinbourgh

One of our most charismatic babies went through a real X-factor audition and got the first place in the heart of Mario Staykov, with the help of his father Venelin. We respect the adopters who really take their time in choosing the right dog. We are sure no mistake was made here and we wish the blue-eyed princess an amazing life in Edinburgh, walking on green fields, under an iron sky… well, congratulations!


DSC_1845 DSC_1880

And the lovely kitten Mimi, raised in a foster home with two dogs and another cat, found the perfect family with Konstantin Atanasov, Rossy Marinova and their black friend – Carina! The two girls are best friends already:

коте мими вече куки и кучето карина коте мими

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