Farewell, Zverski!

03 July 2016 | Blog

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It was July 2011. Something, that should’ve been a yellow fur-ball (but was a white bag of bones), was twisting and growling in our hands, desperately trying to get away from deworming, feeding or any human-related process.

“A tooth for you! Another one for you as well! Leave me alone!” – that’s how the stubborn yellow puppy got his name – Zverski (Beast). And it remained. For all the 5 years we had him. And that is a too much. Almost half of a dog’s life – lived in a cage.

In time, thanks to the great love the volunteers put into him, Zverski stopped acting like a beast and became another one of our unwanted grown-ups. A year or two passed, a family wanted him for adoption, we gladly gave him away. Sadly, the dogs that grew up in a shelter often have trouble adapting in the first weeks and adopters need to be patient and persistent to help them get used to the new life. His people couldn’t – so Zverski came back to us.

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Another year, a second, and the problems began – limping with one leg, then the other, lack of movement… and a diagnosis: two-sided elbow dysplasia. You know everything about Zverski’s pains – because you are the reason he has less of them! With your great help, Zverski got a surgery – an arthrodesis of the leg that is in worse-off condition.

The recovery went well, but despite the successful operation, much of the pain remains. Here, at the Farm we don’t have the environment he needs – to get physiotherapy, to move, to swim… We needed a solution for him, urgently, and lovely people came to his aid.

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We are happy to inform you that Zverski is now in his new home in Holland! With our amazing colleagues who will make sure he has all the love and care he needs to feel better. He is already with them, and everything is all right, getting used to the new surroundings and friends.

Despite the great happiness that there is a place in the sun for Zverski, parting with him was no easy thing. After all, he’s been with us all these years…

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Farewell, buddy, this is a much deserved happiness!
And for you, friends, a photo from Zverski’s new home:


03 July 2016 | Blog

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