To whom it may concern:

After a long and detailed search for the perfect application, a candidate for the position of assistant-secretary has been approved. Congratulations to the greatly esteemed Sancho.

As of today, granddad Sancho will be welcoming the shelter visitors with us, alongside to his superior grandma Bushi.


Here follows a short address from our new employee:

“Kind humans, I solemnly swear to serve the office faithfully and fulfill my duties with care and enthusiasm. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, you know, but I can feel something beating here, under my left shoulder… I love you so much, I love the life you gave to me, every day off it, every hour. I don’t know what to tell you… I thank you with everything that is Me. I think that’s it… see you at the office!“

And here follow Sancho’s rights and obligations, not as a patient, but as a member of our team:

-to meet and escort, if not by bark and greeting, than at least with an all-seeing eye, each and every person that walks in;
-to display a never-ending need for tenderness, attracting people’s hands to himself like a magnet;
-to spread his unmistakable aroma throughout the whole room, or as a minimum – the desks of everyone working at the moment;
-to always take a strategic spot between the adopters and the desk they are filling the papers on, putting his toothless head in their laps with a sad gaze;
-to be loved, happy and always smiling every working day (and they are 365 in a year).

Congrats, colleague 🙂


30 June 2016 | Blog

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