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Name: Sandy
Date of admittance: 05.05.2010
Date of birth: 02.2010
Reason for admittance: From “Seslavci” municipal pound
Number in the shelter Dog Registry: 01
12.05.2010: Friendly puppy, lively and active
28.09.2015: Adopted
28.09.2015: Adopters signal that Sandy has been lost during a walk
16.11.2015: A signal for a dog that looks like Sandy
17.11.2015: Volunteers help catch Sandy. His condition: many bite wounds, loss of weight, stress
19.11.2015: The adopter doesn’t want him back


They say one dog year equals seven dog years. If that is so, Sandy has lived the dog equivalent of 42 human years. And all these 42 years are summed up in the few lines above…

sandi8 sandi9

We hope he has forgotten his first three months – the street, being kicked around, the hunger. Then – the Seslavci pound. Perhaps his first memories are with us – playing with the other puppies, all of which adopted as the time passed, and only Sandy remained behind. Day after day, someone goes into the cage, Sandy jumps about happily, but another dog gets chosen, and the people leave…

The shelter routine – cleaning, feeding, boredom and then again. The fun with the volunteers in the weekend! And then boredom again…

Of all our dogs – Sandy has been with us for the longest time. Of all our dogs, Sandy has looked at the world through bars the longest. To be able to imagine what “Entry Number: 01” means, we can simply tell you that the dogs that come in now bare numbers over 6000…

sandy (1)

Don’t get us wrong – Sandy loves us and is happy to be here. He has no idea there is more to life than waiting for the volunteers to come back. That most dogs don’t share their favorite people with 199 other dogs. That some get to walk every day, and a few times too…

Well, we are very pleased to tell you, Sandy will learn all of that soon! Because, Sandy, ladies and gentlemen, got a real chance and is now wagging his tail not at us, but at our colleague Betty in Holland! There is something even better – he has an adopter, a real one, his own! This time, we decided to play it safe and the transition period will be left to Betty who has a great experience with animals and will help him get used to the new environment, meet his new family gradually, whilst under her care and away from crazy ideas…


Ahhh, Sandy, dear child!

You waited so long, but the future will compensate you, we are sure of it! And you have great love and affection ahead of you! Regarding us… we’ve sent thousands of dogs to their new homes… but still, we were unable to hold our tears when you left…
Be happy, Sandy!

04 June 2016 | Blog

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  1. Samantha

    I’ve been reading this for the 100th time and Again I am overloaded with tears. Sandy finally comes tomorrow and I promiss I will take care of him and love him as much as you did, for the rest of his life. I loved Sandy from the first time I saw his picture on 8march this year and I am thankfull that Betty has given me and Sandy this chance.

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