As we said, the past two weeks at the shelter were simply amazing: 18 dogs and 2 cats found their loving homes locally, here in Bulgaria.
We already introduced you to Part I, and now we invite you to meet Part II the lovely people who chose to adopt their best friend from us, we are ecstatic to see so many loving friends find loving families:



Pongo! O, Pongo is adopted!!! The wonderful boy came to us a year and a half ago, with a leg nearly destroyed by a bullet, prepped for an amputation. But – thanks to you, he got the best possible medical care and remained on all 4. It took him months to recover, he first lived in the office, then the clinic, and then in several cages at the dog building. And just when he was starting to think life is just a cage, Darina Gerginova came with her family and took him home! We will simply burst with happiness!

But perhaps a human has a never-ending capacity for happiness, because Lenny has gone home too, and we still haven’t busted!

lenny (1) лени1

Lenny, darling, you sweet angel, you golden soul, congratulations!!! Lenny came to us while still back in the old shelter, in November 2011, hit by a car and with a broken leg. Then, you gave him a surgery and he stayed in the shelter to be treated and to grow. His childhood passed in medical procedures, Lenny grew up to be a sweet brown guy… and no one gave him a second glance ever since.We thank Sirma-Chausheva Ljubenova for the great decision to adopt Lenny. We know the sun will shine brighter on her life, Lenny is the kindest creature in the Universe.



A young Labrador only came to us for the shortest time. He was brought in by concerned people – someone had tied him up at a playground in the dark morning hours. After no one picked him up until the noon and plenty of people went looking and asking around for his owners, people finally realized he was abandoned. The day the boy came families started coming in for him, after they had seen a post on Facebook. But, he was absolutely set on looking for a specific person and didn’t like anyone until Rayna Aneva came for him. The little guy is already enjoying his life with Rayna and her family!



One of our hard nuts – Pippa, managed to earn herself a place in the yard of Tsvetanka Vasileva and her family – as a brave and very loud guardian. Pippa is a dog that came to us a youngster and her guarding instincts just exploded in her shelter life – you couldn’t hear your own thoughts if you would stand by her cage. We are happy that despite the long wait, her loud qualities provided her a safe and caring home – it was time to leave the cage behind!



The awesome Brittany Bullet came to the clinic covered in blood and barely breathing. It turned out a cruel person had shot him in the nose, but to his great luck the bullet has stopped at his upper molars. With good care and loads of love the boy recovered quickly and his wait for happiness began. A few people came to meet him, but Bullet was still getting over the big betrayal of his owner and was quite inadequate with his visitors. Despite this, Boyan Yordanov gave him a chance! We are sure they will be great friends and the bond between them will grow every day!


daisy (1) daisy (3)

Tiny angel Princess Daisy, abandoned in the street, also found an amazing adopter! She was chosen by Nika Kolarova and the girl is already living her dream life with two lovely dogs and two cats. We are a tiny bit envious of Nika for the great group she has formed under her roof – we’re sure her home is the coziest in the world.


Lovely, kind, gentle Martha was also found be her people! To be honest, when Dimko Dimitrov came to the shelter with his wife, we didn’t expect them to adopt a dog. They were looking for a friend for themselves and their grandchild, and had a clear idea of the dog they were looking for –we didn’t have one. After a tour through the cages only Martha, ill with hypothyroidism, caught their attention with her gentle eyes. But… her illness has already rejected so many prospective adopters, we didn’t expect anything to happen this time. They met, took a walk and parted…

martenichka-1 martha (3)

And so, most unexpectedly – two days later the couple was with us again, only this time with their grandson – to see if he too will like Martha. He didn’t like her, he loved her!!! And Martha is now home, despite her life-long illness, despite all our grim expectations! Farewell, dearest!


0 nini nini (1)

Tiny Neeny, found hungry and confused on a distant road, was found and chosen by wonderful people! It always looks suspicious when a small angel like her doesn’t find love quickly, but then we know – someone special has to come for that dog. The girl is now happy and loved with Georgi Mladjov! We wish them health and great happiness!


sivo bebe

A lovely gray baby, with the lovely new name Max, will live his life not knowing that it was hanging by a thread. He was chosen and adopted by Simona Yaneva – we wish them many happy years together! We thank the fosters and Simona for giving this wonderful boy the chance he deserves and fulfilling all his dreams!


marcus (2) marcus (1)

Former pathetic mangy boy, current full belly handsome Marcus won the heart of Miroslava Manavska and is already living like a prince with her and her room-mates!!! Marc, who isn’t the best-looking pup in the world, managed to catch their hearts with a clever gaze and a good behavior. Marcus came to the shelter as a very weak and sick baby with little prospects of survival, but he managed to recover and we loved him with all our hearts. We’re so happy he was appreciated by Miroslava! Only a special person can see how special Marcus is, we know he found the right place!

Thank you, dear adopters, for being who you are. Your kindness is great, it is spreading and it will come back to you triple!

We also thank the donors of “The Farm” – your help saves lives. Every day. For real.

We and all our animals really need your help. If you could chip-in, even by very little, please DONATE for our “children”. It might look like we’re a huge organization, but we’re just a small group of devoted people, and everything we do is made possible by the donations that arrive for the animals.

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