People say that the dogs in the street have nothing to do with the pets they keep. Yeah, they must be springing from the ground then? No, the truth is that the dogs outside are there, because a human put them, or their parents out in the street. This colorful group of hunting dogs is just another proof for it. Meet the hunting dogs that we currently have at the Farm:

0 elsa anna

ELSA and ANNA – a Kurzhaar and a Weirmaraner, about 3 y.o.

These two princesses came to us after quite the time in the streets. The first info we can find about them is from a month ago – the two were running about Manastirski Livadi district. We only picked them up two weeks ago, after someone had tied them with no food, water or shelter in an abandoned yard.

The two girls are lovely – beautiful, clever, lively, strong, healthy – just wonderful specimens of their breeds. The dogs will not be given to an adopter for hunting. We believe there will be people willing to adopt them, but please note, we want to find them a home where they can STAY TOGETHER.

The two are very close, they find great comfort and companionship together and we hope to be able to provide them a future together. We thing they’ve lived outside until now, but it shouldn’t be a problem to get them used to an apartment life.

0 scarlett

SCARLET – an incredibly good, tiny dog, the size of a cocker-spaniel, about 1 year old.

Scarlet came to us for treatment which it turned out she doesn’t need. Her weakness and the bold spots on her body are all the result of horrible hunger, which she must have suffered for months. The bold spot on her tail is the result of “over-wagging”… How sad it is that she is so kind and so emaciated.

Yes, currently, Scarlet doesn’t look so good and isn’t completely ready for adoption. But since she is the kindest creature in the world, we hope she’d find someone to love her, so they can help her recover and blossom into the most beautiful girl, with the biggest eyes in the world.

0 guy

GUY – very calm and clever, the size of a skinny Dalmatian, 10 months old.

Guy came to us for treatment – ill with demodecosis. He recovered quickly and became a beautiful, healthy boy. Ever since he came – we haven’t even heard his voice. Not because he is afraid or anything – he just doesn’t get involved in hysterics, that’s all.

When you meet him at first, you might think that he is somewhat distance. He is not a dog to jump on everyone, he keeps calm and always makes informed decisions. With the people he already knows – he is a different person. Just looks you in the eyes to figure out what you might want from him, so he can do it.

Guy is young, lovely, calm, clever and obedient. He was somebody’s dog once, before he got ill. And he would love to be yours: a loyal friend forever, clever and good.

0 bongo

BONGO – very kind and good, about 1,5 years old.

This is typical Bulgarian hunting dog – bred by people, raised by people and also – dumped by people. He was picked up, barely breathing on the highway – who knows how he got there…

Bongo is a very hearty dog – full of love, very friendly and lovable. He wouldn’t move if there was someone to cuddle him. Otherwise he is not at all lazy and like any young animal, he loves to play and walk. With the rest of the dogs he is friendly and good. That’s just who he is.

0 sunny anny

SUNNY and ANNIE – two lovely sisters, smaller than a Kurzhaar, 6 months old.

Sunny (with a little more white on the nose) and Annie are two beautiful, clever dogs. They were found dumped in the street and raised in a foster family until now. Healthy and lovely.

The two girls are still getting used to the shelter environment and aren’t very pleased to be here. They are a little reserved with strangers, but that doesn’t mean they are heartless, they are simply still missing their foster. When she is here, the dogs are active, curious and friendly.

Sunny and Annie are good on a lead, have an idea about life with people, keep things clean and are absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait to meet their adopters!

0 nero

NERO – incredibly gentle, about 10 months old.

Nero came to us to finish up a treatment for demodecosis he started with a doctor in Kiustendil. When he came here – we didn’t find any signs of mange, so we changed his therapy to a immune-boosting one. It seems to do him good, he has put on some weight, has new hair and is all and all a different dog.

But – in order to be really well – the lovely sweetheart needs to go to a clean, quiet place, where he will be loved. He is an amazingly kind and well-behaved dog, but he misses people, he misses love and tenderness – we are sure he will feel and look much better if someone would let him share the love. His condition is not a risk to anyone and what is more – hugging him is recommended by the doctor, it will make you happier and better. Because he is just wonderful!!!

To get an idea about his character, here is a short video of the boy, still in the street:

The hunting dogs at the Farm cannot wait to meet their adopters!

30 May 2016 | Blog

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