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Bullet went home with Boyan Yordanov!!!

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We have had lots of trouble for openly stating our position: against hunting; against killing for fun; against the destruction of what little we have left of our lovely nature. Yes, as a result – the hunters hate us. But the truth is, we don’t like them either.

And the reason for this are not the animals they kill hidden in the woods. It is their dogs – the unsuccessful hunters that we get in in-imaginable condition. Dogs like Hans and Nayden – tied up in the forest to die of thirst. Dogs like Barry and Murphy – shot as a punishment for a hunt gone wrong. Dogs like Jacob and Moritz – left in the wilderness to fend for themselves when they can no longer work. And yes, dogs like Bullet too…


Bullet.  A lovely and absolutely wonderful Brittany Spaniel, who had most likely worked hard for his hunting owner. Until last week.


Bullet was found in a pool of blood, in the middle of the street, just a few hundred meters from the shelter by our keeper Drago. When he arrived, Bullet was drowning in his own blood, there was a huge hole on his muzzle, and teeth were falling from his mouth… At first we didn’t understand what had happened to him.


Until the doctors took this out of his cheek. A bullet. According to a friend who knows his guns – 22 calibers. Most probably, by shotgun.

What happened, what Bullet did to deserve such a punishment from his owner – we will never know. What we see as a result us: a lovely animal with an amazing, gentle temperament, shot in the head and dumped outside to die in agony.

Not one, not two, not five, not even ten times by five are the hunting dogs we have had to fix after such “punishments” for unsuccessful hunts. And there’s no use to even start counting the animals we have treated for shot wounds by all sorts of weapons.


But however much time passes, no matter how many times we’ve met with human cruelty, this is something we will never be able to understand. To have a loyal friend. A friend, who works for you. And you reward him with a bullet…

There is no other word for it, but: MONSTER.
A barbaric, cruel monster.
Nothing less.


Bullet is no more than 2 years old. He is friendly, he is sweet, he is now also neutered, and after his recovery, he will be needing a happy home.

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