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Things are improving. And every month, the count for the local adoptions is growing – little by little. But despite this – there are many, many dogs needing homes and much less people wanting to adopt. For this reason, and for the sixth year in a row, one of the most important activities at ARSofia has been the preparation, finding available spots and the legal transporting of sweet souls who have no chance for happiness here, in Bulgaria.

Here they are! All the babies at this transport (except two – Gurko and Milla), were looked after and vaccinated in the same foster home. Our greetings and hearts go to Stanimir, who has been raising litter after litter (sometimes 2, or even 3) of abandoned puppies, for many years now. His help has saved the lives of over 180 babies now – if it weren’t for him, they’d have no place to go and would have remained in the streets. Thank you, fosters! Without your help…


You know we are doing everything we can to quickly find places abroad for the dumped puppies our fosters look after. It is very important that they do not grow up in a cage, and we shouldn’t fool ourselves – if they stay locked up in here, they have months, or even years ahead in waiting for love to find them. In order for that not to happen, we count on the work of our colleagues abroad – organizations and activists whom we know personally from our long years of good work together.

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Here, you can see the babies on the day they left us!

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And here are tiny Milla:

bebe mila mila

and funny guy Gurko – also raised in foster homes, until a road to happiness was found for them too!

gurko Gurko Richie

Gurko happens to be the luckiest guy on this transport. He was adopted immediately – the second photo of him (with a chew-bone, a blanket) is already from his new home – his name is now Richie.

Our colleagues at Stibi’s Hundeparadies send some photos especially for you – happy moments from their work with our animals. It’s been years now since they began helping Sofia dogs: looking for suitable families, keeping in contact with them, helping when a problem comes up, raising food and donations for the shelter and etc… so much work we are grateful for.

Jenny Ares zoey now sandrina maya Sandra Riva muffin lilie marie 2 jessie

Here, you can see dogs that were rehomed just this week, as well as animals that have been in Austria for years already. The work with a homeless pal only starts when you pick them off the street, it doesn’t stop there.

Joshua leah Luna Marco Milo Smily

Thank you, kind people, for being with us.
Your help saves lives. Every day.
365 days a year. For a 6-th year in a row.
Because kind and normal people live here too.
And we all want to see this change take place.
Day after day. Until the day there are no more sad and unwanted souls outside.


16 May 2016 | Blog

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