Five of our adult dogs got their golden ticket on our van – to go to our great colleagues in Germany. The five ladies and Mr.Katerica are already there, receiving loads of attention, care and exercise.


ека (6) ека

Lovely mommy Eka – she was found tied up in an abandoned house along with her puppies. We are sure she will quickly find her people, she is so friendly and loves everyone.


One boy that has been with us forever – a guy we called “Squirrel” (Keterizata). He came to us a very long time ago, his front paws were severely broken and thanks to the donors – he received necessary surgeries to fix that. The boy has been with us from the time we were at the Bogrov and no one wanted him ever since.

katericata1 katericata (4)

We thank the volunteers who were his best friends all this time, and our colleagues too – for giving this ugly guy a chance in life. He knows it’s a one and only and will surely do his best.


наталия (5)

Unfortunately, it is not the case with Nathaly. The sweet lady that someone abandoned in the winter with a skin illness was treated and chosen to travel as a dog with a stable temperament. We are sad to say that she didn’t enjoy the ride and wasn’t herself at arrival. Our colleagues will give her a chance to settle down and be re-introduced to her Bulgarian friends, hopefully, she will quickly come to her senses. If not, we will have to take her back.


We are really happy our colleagues also gave a chance to a shy girl that could not grab the hearts of adopters in her cage – Cookie. She is one of a whole litter of shy dogs that we made the mistake of admitting to the shelter 2 years ago. Since then, they haven’t been able to change much and the group is basically subscribed to a caged life….

куку (1) куку

We couldn’t be gladder about her getting this opportunity. Normally – she was frightened at first, but she was quick to learn who her new carers were and how walks happen. Nothing will make us happier than the news of her being adopted in a good family!


чери (9) cherry

And one other new German – Cherry, a black enthusiast from a foster home. An active, energetic and very clever dog, she was found with a badly broken leg in the street a whole year ago. Our colleagues will find a sporting family for her – so she can have a happy and fulfilled life!


gbpj 6 (1) gpbj 1 (3) gpbj 2 (2) gpbj 3 (4) gpbj 4 (1) gpbj 5 (1)

Along with our own dogs, the van also brought 6 other dogs to Germany. Boys and girls that were stationed in the recently closed Lozentz shelter.

An amazing transport!
Our love and hugs for everyone that worked to make it possible!

14 May 2016 | Blog

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