After a long wait at the shelter, dear Benji – a fluffy shy boy that lived in cage 1 has found his family. Dogs like him find it hard to reach the hearts of adopters in the noisy shelter environment, they simply become invisible to the eye.


Congratulations, gratitude and loads of happiness for Nadezhda Bacheva and her daughter – Benji’s new owners. We are sure, that armed with their unconditional love, Benji will quickly losen up and become a brave and stable guy in no time.

After many difficulties, Branko – the deaf Dogo Argentino, found someone he can get along with. He was adopted in a kind family a while ago, but they had a hard time controlling his dominant temperament and brought him back. The second stay in the cage didn’t do him any good and things were just starting to look very bad for him, when Milko Petrov showed up.


Branko will not be a pet, but he will have his own yard and will not be tied up. Milko and him quickly came to an agreement who is in charge and an otherwise quite dominant Branko was fast to become a quiet, obedient Branko. Looking after a deaf dog has its own perks, and we are glad Milko is ready to work with him despite those difficulties. We sincerely hope this is the end of Branko’s hard times.


An amazing sweet female puppy, 3 months old – found her people. Biliana and her daughter made a great choice and are already having fun with their new friend at the family apartment in Mladost. We have many – and really lovely – puppies waiting for love at the shelter. We can only pray they find the happiness this baby will have in her life.

Lovely Peya found her home as if by a request to Heaven. Kalin Stoev and his friends came to the shelter, looking for a dog. Peya, who is otherwise quite contained immediately stuck to him. But – as they were walking past our two ravens – Grisho and Dimi – she was too enthusiastic to try them. And in Kalin’s yard… there are hens.

IMG_20160510_150140 IMG_20160510_152121

Shortly: Peya was loaded onto their car and introduced to the hens, before an adoption could take place. And as the perfect girl she is – she didn’t touch any hen or even looked at them twice. She was too busy, running about her new yard, rolling in the grass and enjoying to the fullest. Thank you, Kalin, for giving her this chance!


Oh, Krusha! Our lovely bearded girl – Krushi, managed to charm Gabor Revesz – a fabulous, smiling Hungarian who came to us looking for a good friend. This turned out to be one amazing combination and we are sure, they will have all the happiness in the world together, always smiling and good to each other.


And – as we expected, the Samoyed boy that was picked up wandering in Boyana district was lost. The people were looking for him, and it was your sharing his story on Facebook that helped them find him. This is not the first time he gets lost, but now being neutered and his owners quite scared of losing him, we believe he will be under better control.

13 May 2016 | Blog

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