Here’s how things are going today at the shelter clinic.

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Meet Brainy. She is a very lively and kind hunting dog with an unexpected problem – she was brought today, so we are still in the beginning of her case, but…

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Well, her legs are rotting. She was found by kind people 1,5 months ago. Only one of her legs was in this condition, she was treated with antibiotics, but things only got worse in time and the second hind leg started to rot as well. We still don’t know what kind of illness this is, so keep your fingers crossed for this good girl, hopefully it is something she can fight off.

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And these two little angels we admitted with Ehrilchiosis. It’s a terrible disease, transmitted by ticks. Both are girls, the curly one also has a hernia which we will treat when her infection is gone. The other one only needs her antibiotics, she is young and lively and we hope she goes home soon.

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Two tiny babies in a very bad condition came in urgently last night. They are a brother and a sister of the little baby with collapsed lungs we lost last week. We are fighting for them, but so far the prognosis is not good for one of them. Keep your fingers crossed, a special inhaler was brought in for them just now, let’s hope they make it.

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And this lovely Brittany we admitted urgently this morning. The boy has severe bite-wound on his face, you can look through his pallet directly into the mouth if you wanted to. He had several broken teeth and was choking in his own blood.

IMG_4571 IMG_4572

We are just waiting for him to come out of surgery now. Perhaps he is a lost dog, he doesn’t look neglected.


Bella – a gorgeous animal, brought to deterioration by her fool owners. She has a very bad eczema and is terribly thin, we still don’t know if her weakness is a result of malnutrition or an internal disease.

IMG_4590 IMG_4588

She lost her final strength just outside a food store in Bojurishte district, and since she has a skin illness, she was quickly labeled as “dangerous” and threatened to be poisoned. She was brought by two ladies who take care of the local dogs, they don’t know her, so she was probably dumped. Keep your fingers crossed, we hope she recovers quickly and finds her happiness.

And the last new dog for the day (Ye, Dog Gods, send us no more today!) – a kind, gentle creature, just a handful of life.

IMG_4578 IMG_4581

This sweet Yorkie was abandoned in a monastery yard not far from us. She might have Kushing’s disease, but some complicated hormone tests must take place first, for this diagnosis to be confirmed.

IMG_4579 IMG_4584

It would be great if this tiny lady found a foster home. Small, bald, a pet – she has a hard time at the shelter. She is not without problems, but we hope someone would take her temporarily, so we can figure out her case and treat her together.

IMG_4594 IMG_4576

Two other important patients we need to show you: the sweet 2-month old kitten Mimi (her sister Lilly was adopted yesterday) and the cheerful Pug Maya (healthy, neutered, vaccinated, she can go home to people who would agree to keep in touch with the landlord of the man who left her behind).  We really hope these two find a solution quickly, as we cannot give them a comfortable life being so overcrowded.

Thank you, dear friends, for helping the shelter and clinic – if it weren’t for you, your volunteer work, your donations – these sweet guys and girls wouldn’t have received the help they need.

11 May 2016 | Blog

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