It was really awesome at the Farm this weekend!
We thank the Senior volunteers for the excellent weekend walk organization and thank everyone who came and gave their time and affection to the dogs.

Some photos for a good mood!

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Dear friends of the animals,
every weekend, the senior volunteers at the Farm organize mass walks for the dogs. In this way, every one of our 200+ inhabitants can get their weekly moment outside of the cage, be loved and informed that people care, and everything is OK, despite the caged life.

Weekend walks are especially important for the shelter puppies. As we are a very small team – the volunteers are the people we rely on for the socialization of our tiniest inhabitants – the puppies.

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You are welcome! It’s still somewhat chaotic, but the reconstructions are really nearing their end and things are better organized with each day passed.

To keep in touch with the other volunteers and be reminded of this initiative, please join THIS FACEBOOK GROUP.

See you soon!


09 May 2016 | Blog

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