ejivot (1) ejivot (2)

A rainy day! The weather sucks for us and for the dogs, but the grass loves it. Finally – something green around, the place is starting to look different.


chistim (1) chistim (2)

The Happy Zone is being built, but – the whole of May will be rainy and it’s going slower than we want it. The Spring Cleaning of the warehouse has turned the yard upside down.


baba i keiti (1) baba i keiti (2)

It’s rainy and cold. The queens of the shelter – Granny Rijka and Katy are sleeping. Granny has a new bed and loves it.


baba s tumor (1) baba s tumor (2)

Today, we admitted this poor old girl – the people thought she was hit by a car, but it’s more likely she has a tumor. She was dumped in their neighborhood about 3 years ago and has been rapidly declining in health recently. There are still tests to be performed on her, before we know what can be done for her.


IMG_4368 epriemno

These little babies are also at the clinic. The litter was fostered, but in a yard and the cold weather was too much for them. The other little girl (an angel) came from a foster home recently and hasn’t been able to adapt to the shelter yet.


angeli priemen dom (1) angeli priemen dom (2)

Another lot of two sisters – abandoned puppies in urgent need of a foster home. Please come meet them if you would like to give them a chance for a month, it’s a matter of life and death to them.


epitbulche lora

A little pibull that lives in a yard nearby is here for a short while – she ate something abrasive and her whole mouth is full of wounds. The people thought she was poisoned, but she is just hungry and cannot eat.


ameli amelie ezverski

For our orthopedic patients – Amelie, Betto, Sivcho and Zverski – today is a dumb day. They slept through it, with some short walks in-between.


ерлихиоза пуделче

Since we released some of our patients, we decided we could help two girls with Ehrlichiosis, we expect them to arrive tonight. The fluffy one also has tumors, but we will know what we can do for them when they are here.
Please, make sure your dogs are protected against external parasites, tiks carry dangerous desease!



Many things happened today.
But the scariest thing today were these horrible military airplanes, rehearsing for the parade tomorrow. They caused Peya serious worries.. And she wishes you great happiness. Because if it weren’t for you – the friends of the Farm, there wouldn’t be a Peya today…

05 May 2016 | Blog

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