EDIT 04.05.2016: The baby from Kremikovtzi passed. The autopsy showed collapsed lungs. The little one never woke, it went as quietly as it came…


Who is the world’s happiest Samoyed? Edgar!
Well, he might not be Edgar, but that’s what we’re calling him, even if he doesn’t really care.

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With the shelter being absolutely overcrowded, we couldn’t pass by this young fellow. A 2 y.o. Samoyed boy, he was wandering all alone in the Boyana district. Too bad that the weather is so wet, if it wasn’t then he probably already would have a home in someone’s yard. But being all dirty and muddy, and with quite the poop-tail, no one wanted to help him.

IMG_4322 IMG_4326

The boy is now with us, already neutered and nearly ready to be adopted. He was outside for at least a week, and many people tried to find his owners, but still – he will stay here a week more, perhaps someone would be looking for him. If not – he will then be looking for new owners. He is a lovely fellow, we are sure he will quickly find his people, he is full of energy, enthusiasm and is very sweet and cheerful!

And this dear girl that looks like a granny on her way to the Other Side, is actually young, very kind and was once a gorgeous Cane Corso. Should be a mean breed, but she actually has a golden heart.


She has a sad story… She was a pet, but she got cardiomyopathy. Her owners cared for her, until she reached the terminal phase and then, they decided to put her to sleep. Word got out, many people wrote to the vet, saying they will care for her in the final days and she was not put down. But then, it turned out no one will really have her. Abandoned in the clinic without a way out, in a strange set of circumstances and with quite the trouble, the kind Cane came to us, so we can give her the little time she has left, under the care of d-r Rangelova.

IMG_4330 IMG_4331

We took our girl to the Central Veterinary Clinic, where she was x-rayed and seen by d-r Ranko Georgiev. He changed her treatment a little, but her diagnosis and future remain the same.


Until she is eating and want to be with us, we will look after her. And when the bad time comes, we will be here to help her go in dignity. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything else we can do. Except love her, while we still can…

Three more tiny souls managed to squeeze in today – a very pregnant homeless mommy and 2 20-day old puppies that she was looking after, but are not her own.

IMG_4339 IMG_4341

Mommy is being neutered this very moment, but the babies really need help.
Please, if you can offer a safe place for a month to these little girls – come, they will be waiting for you. The babies need to be vaccinated and a little older, in order for them to be safe in the crowded shelter environment.

This became a very sad story, we’re sorry. We try to keep the sad stuff to ourselves, but there are some days that don’t give you chance for good news. We know it sounds a little crazy, but we ask you – could you send your best wishes to this little baby:


D-r Didi Rangelova is fighting for her life right now, trying to get her stabilized and raise her body temperature, but she is so small, that it’s not going well. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for her…

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