The sweet giant Kordoba came to us for the first time looking like this:

DSCN8181 DSCN8185

But that was almost three years ago and the boy has since blossomed into a beautiful Bulgarian Shepherd dog. He found a loving family, lived happily with them, but their circumstances changed and he came back to us two years later.

кордоба (2) кордоба (3)

Today, Kordoba was adopted again – what a lucky dog. He went home with Stoycho Ivanov, our neighbor – we will be seeing him often! The boy has his own yard, a huge house and will never be chained.

What a pleasure – knowing that a loving friend will live a happy life in a safe place.
Today we celebrate two more lucky souls! Two golden hearts have sailed off to Germany with our colleagues – Galabinka the dog and Angel the kitten.

ангел (1) ангел (2)

Angel has his foster dad to thank for his life. Found in a horrible condition, his pneumonia was not getting better for a long time and it seemed that he will not live. Then, his foster decided to take him back home, so he can at least have his last months in peace. But, instead of moving on, the gentle cat suddenly healed! We are incredibly grateful and happy, because he must be the kindest cat in the Universe.

Do you know Galabinka? She was named after our lovely Galabin – the kind boy who tore his knee ligaments this winter. Why are they named like this? It means “Pidgeon” – and they are “mama’s pigeons”!

IMG_4122 IMG_4125
Yeap, that’s who she is – can’t stay still for 1 moment, full of joy

The lovely girl stayed with us for a short while – until she recovers from her surgery and her trip to the adoptive family in Germany is organized by our colleagues. A joyful, kind, playful, clever, and all in all – perfect dog who will be the Bulgarian pride of her neighborhood.

Be happy, dear kids!
Be loved and healthy, dear adopters!
We wish you a very happy Easter, full of light and hope!


And special greetings to all friends of the shelter from Galabin, mama’s sweet pigeon!


29 April 2016 | Blog

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