The giant of the Farm has found her people! Our 3-year old Caucassian Shepherd Baretta was adopted by d-r Vladimir Gelev. The two got along perfectly from the first moment and our dear lady is already living her new apartment life.

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Many people walk by the larger dogs, because they live in smaller flats and think it would be a problem. Actually, once grown, the dogs use their home for sleeping and eating, all the games and wildness stay outside. So – if you are wandering between a large adult and a small puppy – we guarantee you a much calmer life with the big dog. More so: the larger a dog is, the calmer it’s temper usually is. Smaller dogs tend to run on faster speed.

Such a joyous lady is cheerful Angela (formerly known as Carina). The tiny angel was quiet and invisible among the unknown surroundings of the shelter.

anjela (1) anjela (2)

Once in her new home – with Kirila Zaharieva, her man and their dog Tara, she became a jolly enthusiast – happy and loved in her new life! How lucky she is…

Darina was adopted as well – a lovely 1-year old girl we’ve had for a short while only. She was chosen by Yanko Apostolov, and is already living happily in his yard, not far from us.

veliko tarnovo

She keeps him company, barks at the passerby’s and will never be tied up to her house. Because that is how it should be. Thank you, Yanko!

Our sweet guy Pacco also has a great new family!
He is a boy with a special luck. Kind people found him starved and emaciated on a remote road. They took him to the vet and it turned out he had a fistula on his soft palate. After two unsuccessful surgeries, to take skin from his leg and implant it on the palate, a little whole remained and we took him in for caring. True, the food did come out from his nose when he ate, but what a good guy – we hoped a person will be found to love him too, the way he is.

DSCN1982 pako2

And it happened! Pacco was chosen and adopted by Nicolay and Petya Kolevi. D-r Stankova and d-r Rangelova made one final attempt to close his pellet (it seems to have been successful, keep your fingers crossed!). We wish Pacco and his great new owners all the happiness in the world!

And of course – our lovely blue-eyed clown Theseus. He didn’t have to wait too long, he was simply too sexy for this shelter. What can you do, the good-looking cry too, but the good news is they usually cry a lot less.


Theseus came to us with a skin-illness, abandoned and sad. He blossomed at his fosters and became an amazing guy. He was chosen by Evgenia Radoeva who already has one 5-month old puppy adopted from the Farm, the two of them will have an amazing childhood together!

To everyone who has adopted their dog – hats off.
You have saved lives.
We bless you and wish you many happy years together!

27 April 2016 | Blog

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