Each month, our bus makes at least 2 journeys to colleagues in Austria and Holland – activists like us, who find homes for abandoned Bulgarian dogs, prepared and sent by us.


We try our best so that no baby stays to grow up in the shelter, hopefully, a home is found for each of them until they are ready to travel. That is: completely vaccinated against infectious disease, dewormed, and neutered and microchipped. As you can imagine, that is a very big “package” of work for each life saved.

Still, we are the only humane shelter in the city and there is a huge need of our help – there isn’t a month when we get less than 60 babies…

vzemete i nas
Please, please, take us too!

We’re talking a very serious number of dogs. And not just dogs – puppy dogs, which means a larger risk of infection, a huge mess, and a much greater need of good quality food and medications.

We are proud of our work and thank all the foster parents and volunteers, all the donors and people who help us abroad – together, we manage to provide a happy, loved life to thousands of unwanted little ones. These 19 sweethearts are the new group of lucky pups, who have switched nationality to Dutch and Austrian:

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To all the wizards who put their magic into this happy spell – huge hugs from us, the dogs and people at the Farm!

23 April 2016 | Blog

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