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Sweet Eka was lucky to be chosen by our colleagues in Germany!


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In a little village, in an abandoned house, moved in a poor family – nomads, with no future, no past and no responsibilities. These people had nothing, except the clothes on their backs, but they tied a dog up. To guard. To guard the stinking ruins they called a home. For a while. And when they decided to hit the road again, the dog was left behind tied up. Just another mess, left behind…

Perhaps they would have taken her on, if it were not for the babies – 5 of them. But then, if they had put any thought to it, perhaps they would have released her, or left some water out. No. It’s more likely they left, without turning back, leaving her to die of thirst and hunger, along with the pups. Forward, on to the next dirty shack and the next dogs of no “value”…

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Eka remained inside. And if it wasn’t for a lucky chance, she would have never been noticed and released from her final prison. But Faith (and that is a proven fact of life) loves dogs. And she always tries to make sure that even the most doomed dog would get one chance, one opportunity. And so, thanks to her, and to you – the people that make sure this shelter exists – Eka’s rope was cut, she and her puppies were admitted to the Farm for loving and caring.

Now Eka is with us. She has been starved for so long that she reared her pups the moment they started to crawl about the wet food we offered. They are still young for this, but they were so hungry always, that they eat and eat and eat. We’ve separated them now and the babies are in a foster home, where they will be looked after until we’ve vaccinated them and the family can re-unite at the shelter.

And she – she is a kind soul. When you touch her, she melts like butter, closing her eyes at every caress, she even tries to prove her quality by offering to protect us, which is definitely not a great idea in a shelter full of dogs, but what can you do – she is a thankful girl, and she doesn’t have another way to show how much she loves us…


Come walk the dogs at the Farm this weekend!
Hug Eka, give her some treats, make her and her 200+ brothers and sisters in arms – HAPPY! Yes, the Farmers are not hungry, they are not ill, they are not tortured – they’ve already been saved by you and us. But there is nothing they like more than the presence of people, this is what they want, this is what they dream about.

The weekend walks, organized by the Senior volunteers start at 11 and finish at about 16 o’clock.

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