A journey to a new beginning for 10 of our adult dogs! Dogs that we’ve been looking after for a long time, animals that are favorite to us, to the volunteers, to anyone who knows them. Our joy is beyond words, because these are all golden hearts that deserve all the love and care in the world.

So, Sixty, Big Brother, North, Freya, Cyril and one-eyed Roshi are with our Dutch colleagues who have rehomed hundreds of dogs from us throughout the years; Maminka and Belly are also in Holland, but in the foster home of another great friend; and our wonderful Austrian colleagues have found homes for three-legged Alpha and sweet Bebka. Let’s see who they are!


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Golden-eyed Sixty is a lovely girl we took in with a severe form of heartworm. After a long treatment with us she has recovered completely and became everyone’s favorite. We named her so strangely, because she had the wit to get in trouble near the right people – our great friends at 60K International call centers.


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Our two lovely white huskies North and Freya have left the shelter as well. Both of them – lovely, kind, young and lively, amazingly beautiful… Both – dumped by their owners, both with us since months, trying to win the hearts of local adopters with no luck. In Holland they will have active and enthusiastic owners to love them and cherish them till the end.


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Big Brother! She is a girl, the name is misleading. We just got her from the shooting set of the popular TV program – someone had dumped her there during the night. What an idiot! This has to be one of the nicest dogs we’ve ever known, and we’ve known many!


If you’ve been to the Farm, and Bogrov before that, then you must know Cyril. He is one very clever and reasonable guy with a very curious heart. We’ve had him for almost 4 years – he came to us as a puppy and… stayed with us.

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Anyway, being such a cool dude, Cyril found a way to fight off the shelter boredom – he learnt to climb on top of the cage and use it as a watchtower. He doesn’t escape, he just watches over us. And when absolutely nothing is happening, he jumps over through to a few cages down the line, where he has some buddies he likes telling his stories to… That is likED! Because from now on Cyril will be outside every day. And he will not be looking at the world through bars, but from the window of his very own home in Holland!


P1160255 P1160268

Roshy came to us after kind people had seen her running through the cars at one of Sofia’s busiest city roads. She has to have been a pet, because she knows absolutely nothing about street life. We don’t know what happened to her and why she only has one eye. But it surely was very unfair – she couldn’t hurt a fly, let alone her most favorite creature in the world – a human.


These two lovely little ladies, so invisible at our shelter, also have a new citizenship in Holland – Maminka and Belly. Maminka came to us with her litter of puppies – all of them now rehomed. Fact of life: the babies were larger than Maminka at 2 months of age. And Belly (her Bulgarian name means “scar”) has a huge, inexplicable burn scar on her back. It was already healed when she was brought to us, after a heartless owner had dumped her on a gas-station at the ring-road.

IMG_3844 IMG_3846 IMG_3849

Friendly, smaller-sized dogs like these two ladies may stay forgotten in shelters here, but are desired and loved pets in a country like Holland. Where breed is not as important as a kind heart.


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Lovely Bebka has found a home in Austria! She came to us with her litter, some of the puppies left, but she and her sister remained. Her sister – for an old tibia fracture. And Bebka – for a strange illness we treated as myelitis. For long weeks, little Bebka couldn’t get up on her feet at all, but she managed to fight it off and grow into a lovely, friendly child. Bebka has been through all the hardship she needs for a lifetime, so it will be only good things for her from now on.


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And our other new Austrian – three legged cowgirl Alpha. The story of Alpha and her son Betto touched the hearts of many, but despite her small size, kind heart and impeccable behavior – she didn’t find a family here. So, from now on she will be barking in German in her new forever home in Austria!

Behind every happy story of a rescued dog there are many, many people. People who have given their heart, their time, their skills to give it a chance. These are the foster parents, volunteers, donors, us and our vets, drivers, keepers, our colleagues abroad… It may seem like a simple thing, but sending a dog to a new life is a lot of hard work. But how it pays off! It pays off with the fact that you have a good soul who has gotten a life of love and happiness, instead of pain and grief…

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We thank you, dear friends. Your help changes lives every day…

If you too feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the dogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed…

18 April 2016 | Blog

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