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26 babies left the shelter for their new homes last week – we now have 17 new Dutch and 11 new Austrians! Everyone is at their right place, safe and sound, happy and looked after, and the van has returned to the shelter – full of tasty food for the dogs, remaining at the shelter.

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You can see them in the photos – all those colorful babies, the way the camera caught them on the day of their departure.

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There is not much to say about their personal stories – they all share the same destiny. Dumped in the street, found and looked after by kind foster parents, they all came to the shelter after they had their initial puppy vaccines.

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Instead of dying in the streets, they now all have their adoptive families far from here, thanks to you, the donors and volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia.

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Besides the puppies, three adults also found a spot on this journey. The first – Jerry, a lovely young German shepherd who came to the shelter only last month.

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He was well looked after, but his owners were leaving Bulgaria. Without him. Well then! He too left Bulgaria without them! He is now Dutch and just look at the photos he got on his very first day in Holland:

jerry1 jerry

And Raya! The lovely hunting girl went through a very long recovery at the shelter and is now on her long journey to Canada, through Germany.

raya (4) raya (6)

Bon voyage, dear girl!

Last, but not by importance, a lovely 5-year old cat that no one wanted here (but why!?), found her loving people in Holland and is already purring happily with them!

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If you feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the dogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed…

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11 April 2016 | Blog

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