Bolt is a tiny puppy, born with deformed front legs and dumped to die in a trash can. He went through great ordeals, but is now safe and happy with our amazing colleagues in Almere, Holland.

UPDATE 16/08/2016



UPDATE 14/04/2016

See Bolt play with his best friend Ali the cat in d-r Rangelova’s foster home:

Bolt’s original story (VIDEO) 11/04/2016

Two months ago, here in Sofia, in someone’s home and from someone’s pet dog, Bolt was born. A tiny, fragile baby with front paws so badly deformed, he could never walk on his own. Bolt must have had his healthy siblings, and they all were probably nursed by a caring mom. But when they were all reared and given to their new owners, the unwanted invalid Bolt… was discarded as trash. Straight into the garbage bin.

It so happened that Bolt’s destiny was not to be crushed into a pancake by the garbage truck. A kind person saw him and couldn’t walk by, so he took the puppy home. Unfortunately, he wasn’t much of a puppy expert and he didn’t know our baby needed more than yogurt to survive. So, when two weeks passed and Bolt became even weaker, they came to the Farm, our shelter.

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Bolt really is very small and fragile and his place is not in the rough shelter environment. Our vet, d-r Diana Rangelova took him home as a foster whilst we wait for his people to show up. He is very kind, very friendly, very playful and outgoing. In just a week he has gained almost half his weight and now his head is not larger than the body, they are equal in size.

Bolt’s condition is congenital and permanent. He can be helped with prosthesis or a “frontal” wheelchair, but he is still growing – whatever option – it will be known when he has reached his final size and shape.

Bolt can have a perfectly normal life. Disability brings a few more moves to the routine, but with a dog this small (and he is a small-sized dog), things really are quick and easy.


We sincerely hope that Bolt will find his loving family – he is a wonderful little guy, with a great will to live and be happy. He can have his prosthesis/wheelchair when he grows, and he will run fast like a lightning bolt, like Usain Bolt, we’ve promised him, there’s no other way!

If you feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the dogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed…

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