This is Blake’s page – he is one of our rescued horses. You can find his original story published down below, the latest updates appear up here.

EDIT 27.05.2016

Today we were with Blake again and we’re in a hurry to share his new photos with you, so we can enjoy them together. The lovely team of Plana Horse Base have been taking a good care of him and the difference in his condition can be easily seen:

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The boy feels and looks much better and is definitely getting stronger. The best part about his new situation is the fact that he has many horse friends, he is free to roam with them and he really loves the company.

Blake doesn’t spend his days lying on the ground anymore. He still lies down every couple of hours, when he gets tired, but he always tries to be as close to the other horses as possible, follows them about the field and is actively participating in the herd’s social life.

We are satisfied with his progress – he definitely looks happy and calm and isn’t needing anything. When he is not eating on his feet, he is eating lying down. On one hand – that is excellent, since he needs to put on much weight to reach a normal condition. On the other – his being heavy will be a problem for a normal movement on three legs, so we must watch out for it.

Our sincere gratitude to our amazing colleagues from Horses on Death Row, whose amazing help made a good life possible for Blake, and our other rescued horses – Penny and Silencio.

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Update 07/04/2016

We were with Blake till late last night. We brought two veterinary orthopedists and had his leg x-rayed at all angles. Some samples were taken and more consultations need to happen before a plan for him can be laid out.

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Update 06/04/2016

There is much to be done to improve Blake’s life. In his temporary home at “Plana kon” horse base he has already been brushed and dewormed. D-r Ralitza Grancharova gave him a full inspection, she and her colleague Nick managed to cut his overgrown hoofs, started a treatment for the infection he has and a little physiotherapy for the broken leg.

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Blake feels OK, he is lively and friendly, spending most of his time grazing or lying down for a rest. Keep your fingers crossed for his recovery.

Blake’s original story 05/04/2016


The first time we met Blake was in May 2015. We got a signal about an abandoned horse with a broken leg not far from Sofia. We went there, bringing inspectors from the Food Safety Agency and the Police. Only to find that his case was already taken on by other people.

Two weeks ago, a whole year later, we were called again for the boy with the broken leg. We went to pick Blake up. No comment on how his condition has changed in time. What is important is that now we have him.

IMG_3086 IMG_3114 IMG_3134

We housed Blake with our friend Vlado from horse base “Plana horse”. He will live there and be taken care of, until we are ready with the horse sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the boy is in a very bad condition. Besides the broken leg, he is very thin and has little muscle left on his poor body. Nevertheless, he is extremely friendly and has a great will to live.

IMG_3141 IMG_3187

There is much work to be done with him. First, we must help him recuperate his strength and find a way to ease his condition, so he can live free of pain. The broken leg cannot be fixed anymore, but with a little help, he will be able to live his life in peace.

We are raising funds to create the first Horse Sanctuary in Bulgaria. Please help if you are able to:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINVBGSF
IBAN: BG96FINV91501216606639 (USD)

Thank you for caring. It is a life and death matter for Blake and so many others like him…


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