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Our lovely Pekingese Happy has found his people! The boy is living the life of his dreams with Victoria Pavlova and Toma Zdravkov – the winner of Music Idol. How cool!



Former Shelly, current Kira has a new life as well. The lovely hunting dog spent many months with us, until she was found by Nikolay Stoyanov and his roommate Boryana. She is greatly loved!


bianka (1)

Bebka’s sister has found a home too. She is a black puppy we jokingly called Bianca (white). She spent quite a while in the clinic, for an old tibia fracture, but is on all fours now. The lucky girl was adopted by Electra Vagena and her boyfriend Alex.

Here is a letter from Electra:

“Hello from me and my boyfriend Alex! The girl’s name is Morena now (that is “brunette” in Spanish) and she has completely adapted to her new life. She gets 2 long walks in the park per day  or 3 more brief ones according to our schedules. She is a lovely dog, clever, learns really fast, very sociable and playful with everybody, dogs, kids etc. I will send you more photos of our Еaster vacations in Greece. Take care and have a great time during Easter!”


lasgo luka (3)

Two lovely dogs found love and care in the home of Caroline Blankespoor – Lasgo and Luca, both 4 years old. We are so, so happy for the boys, they are a great couple and will be very happy with their new owners!


tigra ot balsha мариета тигра

Tigra was also amazingly lucky – one of the dogs d-r Stankova and d-r Rangelova picked up from a hoarders house in Balsha village. After spending a few months at the shelter, she was adopted by… no other, but doctor Stankova herself!


ethan (1)

Tiny Ethan also went home – he is a 4 month old puppy, adopted by Ekaterina Momchilova and her family. And he is greatly loved! Like so:

“Hello! Ethan became an inseparate part of our family the minute he entered our door. It seemed like he knew where he was going and didn’t hesitate even for a moment.  He immediately started playing with everyone. We are happy to have him. He brought great joy to our lives!”

Farewell and good luck to our “children”!

If you feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the dogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed.

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