UPDATE 17/04/2016


Good news! Rexy has been adopted!

ORIGINAL POST: Rexy the pincher – a former prince is now a beggar

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Rexy was a spoilt, well looked after, greatly loved dog. For 11 years. Until his loving owner was chained to the bed by a stroke. And his whole life turned upside down.

He was brought by the daughter of his owner. She couldn’t find anyone to care for him, everyone had dogs. And so, this little old man lost all his privileges in a second.

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At the shelter Rexy was initially shocked – the hundreds of dogs, the new smells, the lack of comfort… A few days later he is already accustomed to the routine, even barking when “the alarm” is raised by other dogs. He is a clean, curious old boy who still believes that life is good.

Rexy is 11, and that is not too much for a pincher. Healthy and very lively for his age, he has still years of life ahead of him – he only needs to find a little space in the heart of a kind person to live them.

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31 March 2016 | Blog

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