We introduce you to the most important employee at our office – Granny Rijka.
True, granny is 11, true, she will probably never walk on her own again, but there is no one, no one, who can lay around the heat stove as gracefully as she can.

Rijka was homeless her whole life. As the years progressed, she lost some of her agility. One day, as she was crossing the street, she wasn’t fast enough. A car hit her. Later, she was found by a kind man who couldn’t leave her like this. He took her to a clinic. He paid for her very expensive surgery, hoping she could be released back outside when she recovers.


But Granny had a broken pelvis. And a shattered hind leg. D-r Zlatinov explained to her friend that from now on – Rijka will need months of care. Long hours of laying in one position easily open decubital wounds, physiotherapy is needed, and what is worse – she may never be able to walk again…

And that is how Granny Rijka came to the Farm. She got the royal spot – a bed beside the burning stove, to keep her warm while she monitors the working process. She has to be lifted and walked every few hours, and each time she has to lie back down on a different side.

In the process of recovery it turned out she brought one more gift – Lyme disease. She was put on the right antibiotic straight away, and although she is not jumping happily about to let us know, she is feeling much better.


We are doing all we can to find a permanent solution for Rijka – she is such a kind, patient and calm dog. There must be a place for her under the blue sky somewhere. And until then…

Until then the Farm is her home.
If you feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the fogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed.

кейти и рижка

29 March 2016 | Blog

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