Once upon a time, there lived a lovely black cat, called Vader. He was loved and well cared for, but he was bored at home and kept looking out the window. So, on Saturday morning, his owner – Lina Georgieva, decided she could let him out for a walk, thinking that if he can’t climb over the fence, everything will be fine. By minute five, though, the boy got frightened by the neighbor’s dog and climbed a huge pine in the yard.

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His owners called and called, and decided to call 112. From there, they were put through to Svetlio (our guy – Svetoslav Petrov), who told them to spread some canned food on the lower tree branches as bait; ask the neighbor to quiet down the scary dog; and wait for the cat to climb down on his own. On the next morning, instead of having come to a lower position, Vader was already at 12 meters above the ground and not at all thinking of coming down, just calling for help.

On Sunday, after 26 hours by the tree, the owners called Svetlio once again. In the evening, Nadia and Svetlio were there. Unfortunately, it was a pine tree and the cat was at a great height. There was no way to climb up and get it. This time, it was our turn to start calling 112. They were very stubborn and kept trying to give us our own number to call, but finally, we were put through to the fire-department and things got a lot easier.

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The firemen were very kind, but couldn’t take such a decision themselves. Nadia was put through to their officer in charge. What a lovely person, we are very sorry Nadia didn’t write down his name, so we can thank him in person. In 10 minutes, the fire truck was there. And with it – two great guys – Michail Tanev and… another Svetoslav Petrov (not our Svetlio, another, just as cool! Nothing is a coincidence in this world!)!

So the cat doesn’t fall off, panicked by the rescue, Svetlio climbed the ladder along with fireman Svetlio, and Nadia and Vader’s owners waited below holding a big sheet of cloth.


This is not our first tree rescue. Usually, cats would go crazy – bite, hiss, try everything to get away. Not this time – Vader grabbed on to Svetlio like a drowning person would a log. He had a hard time letting go, but was finally safe and sound in the hands of his owner Lina, who decided this will be his final adventure.

Vader was found last year, by the seaside. He was a helpless wreck, even the parasites were leaving him. After a dramatic night-crawl looking for a vet, the cat was stabilized, treated and… taken home to Sofia, to keep their kind pitbull company. How many times more they will have to save this cat’s life is unknown yet. Hopefully, this is the last.

After the successful rescue firemen S.Petrov and M.Tanev told us many more stories of silly cats, rescued by them from trees. Then, everyone thanked everyone – the owners thanked us and the firemen; the firemen thanked us and the owners (we don’ know what for, perhaps they were just two very polite men); we thanked the owners and firemen for a rescue so well handled and… that’s all.

There are days when life seems just fine – full of kind people and scary situations, waiting for a happy outcome…


28 March 2016 | Blog

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