The Animal Rescue Sofia bus is a dream ride for the dogs at the Farm. To be going with it means that somewhere, outside of Bulgaria, there is a safe place for you. The babies and crippled animals always have the advantage to go – life is hardest for them at the shelter.

This journey to Holland sent another 36 innocent souls to their happiness. 2 kind mommies, 32 pups and 2 kittens. We introduce you to the lucky souls who found families in the Netherlands this time. Many thanks to the fosters, donors, volunteers and our colleagues abroad for making this dream a reality.

Our first meeting with Elza was marked by hunger and desperation. Just a walking skeleton, hero-mommy entered the Farm with 5 fluffy, but malnourished as she was, babies.

life outside

The smallest of Elza’s babies – Anna, was on the brink. She was saved in the caring foster home that sheltered their colorful family.

Elza before after Anna Jasmine Merida Mullan Olaf

Less than three months passed, and with loads more food and even more love, Elza’s family was ready to go. Each of them – healthy, vaccinated thoroughly, neutered, microchipped… a long way away from the beginning. Just a happy crowd with hungry tummies and smiling eyes.

15 babies that don’t have any history other than “dumped outside, fostered by kind people”. They are now all enjoying the warmth and comfort of their new owners’ couches:

15 zaedno

Two dumped kittens with luck found their way to Holland along with the pups:

котета (1) котета (2)

There were new homes for Jana and the remaining of her puppies (the others left in the January exodus).

Jana Magic
Mark Mike

Magic, Mike and Mark all went to big families and now have their own kids to play with. And mommy has a friend – another adopted girl to enjoy life with.

Do you remember mommy Grace? A huge, but also very kind girl who was left un-spayed in her yard. She came to us after having lost consciousness in a very heavy labor. It was a Saturday to remember! The vets and volunteers managed to save her, and all 9 black babies:

volunteers-6 volunteers-51

And these are the little elephants they turned into whilst we were getting them ready to go to new homes abroad:


All 9 babies have been adopted! Here you can only see the girls in the litter, we somehow lost the photos of the boys – hopefully, we will get some photos from their new homes. And mommy Grace is now neutered and everything is OK with her. Her kind old owner will keep in touch with us.

Dolce (1) Dolce (2)

Dolche was raised in the foster care of d-r Diana Rangelova. Not because Didi had loads of time and space, but because Dolche was ill with pneumonia and this was the only way she could survive. What a clever name – Dolche is now living a dolche vita in Holland!

If you feel our work makes a change, if you want this shelter to exist for the fogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal. Funds are desperately needed.

Dolce (3)

Thank you! And good luck to all our rehomed babies!

26 March 2016 | Blog

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