We bet no one noticed the puppy in this photo (in the back):

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Much has been said about Katy and the miracle we managed to pull for her together. But we never told you about her kids – the two black-and-white babies she was still nursing when we admitted her:

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You know that we do not admit unvaccinated puppies to the shelter – it is too risky, as we have many ill animals. So, each one of the hundreds of babies we get each month, has spent 1 month in a foster family whilst it’s being vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus. Well, these two boys had the time of their lives.

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They were raised in the foster home of Denny and Christo – if you’ve been following us for a while, you know them as the crazy fosters of Vito, a hero with an unusual destiny. To put it short: he was found, fostered, waited a long time for a space to open and travelled for adoption to Holland. The interesting part comes after that: after a few days of tears over Vito, Christo got on a plain (along with 2 puppies from the Farm, of course) and flew to Amsterdam to bring him back. Now the little rascal is living like a king and is very kind to the hordes of babies that his people prepare for the shelter.

The boys were named Milcho and Zachary. They left Bulgaria about a month ago, and are now both re-homed in suitable families in the South of Holland. No memory has remained of the hard times they had back home.

Right now, Denny and Christo are caring for another set of babies. 5 dumped new-bourns that were hand-reared by them now have their first vaccine and are waiting for a second one to be transported to their new lives, so new ones can take their place.

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When, pregnant and badly injured Katy gave birth to her puppies in a shed at Gorni Lozen village, the outlook for her babies was grim. Milcho and Zachary are enjoying their new lives as Dutch dogs, because Denny and Cristo were there for them, because of the donors of Animal Rescue Sofia.

If you are satisfied with our work, if you want this shelter to exist and continue to work for the fogs in need, please help us help them. Make a DONATION by bank, e-Pay or PayPal.

Thank you!


25 March 2016 | Blog

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