Every child deserves to have a dog, and a mother who would allow it.
Well, according to this saying, as of today, Christina is a happy child. Because her mother – Marina, gave her the present she dreamed of for her birthday – a dog.

But not just a puppy. The dog Christina was searching for and drawing for many months. This is how the little artist imagined her best friend to be:


And she waited. And it didn’t show up. Marina searched and searched, but she couldn’t find that very dog. Until a friend suggested she should come to us – the Farm shelter.

You can imagine our dismay when the smiling candidate for adoption said: “Our case is special… we are looking for a very specific dog…” and then pulled-out a child’s drawing of a puppy we call Little Lena!? This same puppy was destined to travel to Austria the very next day, after spending two months with us. How very lucky!

ричка (3) ричка (13)

The new name Christiana gave to the little baby is Raya. As all of our babies – she is vaccinated, de-wormed, neutered and after a good bath she is already out and about with her new girl.

Happy birthday Christina! Happy new life, Raya! May you grow happily together.

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23 March 2016 | Blog

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