UPDATE 18/04/2016

Alpha has found a loving family in Austria!

ORIGINAL POST 22/03/2016

Alpha and Betto are mother and son. They lived in the woods. They guarded a cow herd. Guarded them from wolves, jackals and people. But they also annoyed the local hunters. Naturally – they barked their hearts out in doing their job… And so, as a reward, they received bullets. Wild hog bullets in their bodies. Meant to be their last. But no.

alfa (1) beto (5)

Instead of dying straight away from their wounds, Alpha and Betto remained with their cows. Day after day they smelled worse and worse, but they wouldn’t die. A whole week passed in their horrible torment. Until finally… they were brought to us. Shot. Tortured. With infected and broken limbs and bodies. Both – with bones sticking out of them. But with good, good, good hearts…

alfa (4) alfa (2) beto (3) beto (6)

The day of their arrival was cold. But even so, the smell of a rotting corpse hung about in its horrid manner, getting into your brain even when you try not to breathe through your nose. The dogs had gone wild with pain and would growl severely at any attempt to be touched. It is little to say that Alpha and Betto were at the end of their strengths. They were supposed to die. But no.


alfa 5 alfa 3

Lovely mommy Alfa is 5 y.o. Her thy bone was so severely damaged, there was no chance of saving it. The infection was life-threatening, but the immediate amputation helped her stabilize, be released from her pain and gather new strength. The very next morning, in the cage of the Angry Cowgirl Alpha, there was a Gentle Tripod Alpha.

Although small and kind, Alpha remains on three legs and with a much smaller chance of finding love. But she has gone so far, she must continue on her way to happiness. She just has to wait for her people to find her. And in the mean time we will look after her at the Farm.


beto (4) beto 5

Beautiful Betto is about 1 y.o. Since he is a boy, he was hurt both in the leg and his penis. Unfortunately, the penis was severely rotted away when we got him, so it had to be completely removed. For the leg, d-r Zlatinov managed to make him a ring fixator. The recovery will take time, but it is going well and there are chances for the leg to heal completely.

It is little to say that Betto is a wonderful dog. He too is kind, soft and good as his mother. He s also very friendly, cuddly, playful and lovable as any puppy. Besides, he is a really good-looking dog and will grow even more beautiful in time. Our hopes are high that he will be adopted soon after he is recovered.

Thank you!

Special gratitude to all the donors of the Farm. Friends, your donations save lives every day. We thank you for your generosity. Thanks to it – we are able to help animals like Alpha and Betto every day.

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