It’s been five years since our Austrian friends from Stibi’s Hundeparadies have started helping the dogs of Sofia with all that they can. Thanks to their work, hundreds of homeless animals – cats and dogs – found loving homes, and the babies we care for have received many tones of good quality food.

food Food2 Food3

Today we once again thank the girls for the wonderful work they are doing! After another successful doggy transport the bus has returned to the shelter, full of good quality kibble for the youngest and most ill.

Besides, the shelter also received a financial donation – to be able to cover another dog transport abroad, as well as buy the vaccines we so desperately need for all the babies we look after.

SammyBefore SammyAfter
Three-legged Sammy – in the shelter and happy in Austria

Sammy and the rest of our Austrian travelers are doing very well, the first ones have gone home already. Here are the first heart-worming photos of Sofia city strays with their new families:

hAPPYeND hAPPYEND2 PanchoHappyEnd

Thank you, friends, for everything!

21 March 2016 | The Farm Newsflash

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