Tens and tens of dogs are waiting for spaces to clear at the shelter so we can admit them. Urgent admittance is reserved for the most urgent, life-saving cases, and that is difficult too, because there are so many animals in need. But there is one dog that the Farm has been open to for over 6 months now. “Bring him as soon as you catch him” – as simple as that. But not when the dog doesn’t want to be caught.


It was in September when we first went over to the IKEA parking to look for this boy, after people had seen him walking around with a big tumor on his leg. After that we went over 2 more times, and another volunteer went on 3 other occasions. And this old man seemed to disappear into thin air. Until a really devoted person stepped up. After days of unsuccessful capture attacks, the old boy gave in to a sedation shot and was brought to the shelter by a veterinary ambulance.

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It hurt just to look at him. A huge, scary tumor. D-r Stankova is experienced with tumors and we thought we saw it all on Shatzy and Inka. But this poor granddad was simply devoured. Besides the monstrous tumor on his leg, the doctor also removed several smaller tumors. He was probably badly neutered at a younger age, a part of his testicle remaining in the sac, turning into cancerous tissue as well.

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So, the boy quickly lost 2,5 kilograms of cancer tissue. But he also lost his pain and loneliness. He managed with a difficult surgery and is even wagging his tail a little bit when he is served canned food.

The prognosis for him is moderately optimistic. He is of very serious age and has had a very dramatic surgery, but he did well with the anesthetic and is stable. D-r Stankova named him Kai. Kai from IKEA. A lost and never found Kai, a Kai in the end of his life…


If your heart was touched by this tired veteran, please think – perhaps you have a little yard whit a little space in it for him? He doesn’t have that much time left for him in this world. It would be really wonderful if he can spend them in peace and love. For the first and last time in Kai’s sad life…

21 March 2016 | Blog

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