We are joking amongst ourselves that January was the “Exodus month” – we had a huge mass-movement of dogs this month. The bus travelled to Austria and Holland four times, and our colleagues and friends abroad did all they could to find places for as many of our babies possible. Thus, in a month’s time, with huge efforts and your amazing help, we managed to find good homes for a total of 140 homeless babies outside of Bulgaria.

Besides the adoptions abroad, we had a good number of local adoptions. Unfortunately, it was busy and we haven’t made pictures of all the lucky souls that said farewell to the shelter, but here are those we can share with you. We wish them all health, happiness and luck.


Oh, joy! Friday is no longer alone and lonesome! He was adopted by Stefan Stefanov and Katia Yordanova and is now loved and well-looked after in his own house with a yard here in Sofia. We love him and hope he will be a very good boy at home, just as he was with us.


Little Nymeria went home with the Radoevi family. He brothers and sister were chosen to travel to Holland in the “Exodus” and we are so glad she didn’t stay behind and chose her humans so quckly!

hana1 hana2 hana3

Baby Hannah, who had the most wonderful life in her foster home is just as happy in her permanent family. She took the hearts of Tereza Kolcheva and Dobromir Metodiev and is giving and receiving an amazing amount of love.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! For our wonderful Endo! He was adopted by Michael Igoshin and is now living in an apartment!

endo predi endo

Endo is doing great, we hear from him very often and it’s always good news. But, of course! It couldn’t be otherwise with this golden-hearted horse, he has always been such a sweetheart. Can’t remember who he is?! He was severely bitten by dogs when we took him in and is also in this years’ ARSofia calendar.


This little black soul was dumped at a gas station on our highway. We forgot to make a photo of her with her new family when they were leaving. She was adopted by Milena and Alexander Danolovi, and we can tell you she is living happily in their apartment and being the best girl ever.

александър христофоров максимилиан честито сашо надя

Little Maximillian has been in his new home for quite a while now with the wonderful Alexander Hristoforov and his girlfriend Nadia. We hope they always remain as positive and smiling as we met them!

черно момиче 1 черно момиче 3

The last baby to change the shelter for a comfy couch this Friday is this little black enthusiast, adopted by Georgi Nakov. The smiling girl will be living in an apartment, and hopefully never remember how weak and ill she was, abandoned in the street at Novi Iskar district.

P1140920 rori

And finally – a little angel that has come to us from real hell. She was rescued from hoarders – people who collect animals in need wanting to help, but unable to stop bringing in new ones, until the situation becomes unbearable for both humans and animals.


D-r Stankova and d-r Rangelova picked her up along with 4 other poor dogs form a horror-house in Balsha village. In her new home with Sally Berhorst and Michael Linn from the US Embassy, the little darling will have a new name – Rory. Well done, little girl!

And in the end – a plea. If you live in Moderno predgradie neighborhood, please keep your eyes open for Shy. She was lost by her adoptive family last week and is probably hiding somewhere nearby. If you see her, we would greatly appreciate a call at 0879 022 673:

shy tarsim


15 February 2016 | Blog

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