Dolno Kamarzti village. A drunk goatherd beats a pregnant goat on the street. The goat is rather crying than bleating. People around are outraged, but indifferent – “Well, it is his goat” they whisper quietly …

A typical Bulgarian reality, isn’t it?

Well, we’ll surprise you. Not everyone is indifferent! A woman takes the risk and stands between the drunk and the defenseless creature!

A policeman do not wash his hands with excuses, but steps in and takes the goat from her so-called “owner”.

And this is how in our dog “Farm” came the goat Jenny – we named her after her savior, a courageous woman, who does not shut her eyes to the suffering.


That night, because of the brutal beating and a little earlier than needed, but in a completely different reality and surrounded by much love, were born Mila and Mimi.




Jenny is an extremely good-natured and caring. She doesn’t  grumble, when we are washing her wounds, and does not mind us hugging and kissing her babies all the time. On the contrary – she accepts all this with gratitude, as if she knows this is how a good life begins.



The accession of Jenny and the twins to our diverse family (horses Penny and Silencio, Tsonka the goat, the ram Marcho and the piglets Lilemour and Naomi) gives us hope that we Bulgarians are ready for a change.


We are ready to stop turning a blind eye to cruelty to living beings, we are ready to take responsibility for the reality around us and to change it, when necessary.


Jenny made another change as well – towards our dream to create the first in Bulgaria shelter for abused horses added a few more words: Abused horses and farm animals.


11 February 2016 | Blog

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